Root And Cwm Recovey HTC Desire 826


 Root And Cwm Recovey HTC Desire 826

Instructions Unlock Bootloader HTC Desire 826
See for Guide here

Unzip adb file and copy twrp recovery.img into adb folder.

Turned off Phone, then press the Volume Down and Power to enter the bootloader.

use the Volume UP-DOWN to select and press the power button to FASTBOOT

plug your phone into the computer

Right click on adb folder and press start command window here.

Copy past the command into window and press enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

if you twrp recovery img is another name plz rename it to recovery.img

It will run for about 1-2 seconds to complete. ok now the phone off by pressing the Power button for 10 seconds and then go back to the Boot Loader by pressing the Volume Down button and Power you will find the 2nd line after the word Fastboot is: Recovery. So you’ve done

Copy the downloaded root file in the directory of the memory card.

put the phone into Hboot (Shutdown completely .Press and hold the Volume Down button simultaneously press the Power button Hold the Volume Down button until it to be Hboot then let go)
Once start  Hboot volume key used to move down the line Recovery. Press the power button to agree.
Select install zip from sd card, press the Power
Select choose zip from sd card, press the Power
Select the file (* .zip) that you just copied to a memory card, press the Power
Wait for it to run UP finished, restart your computer is OK


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