Realme GT 2 Pro Android 14 Gestures Issue

This article will show you a clever workaround to resolve the problem of the Realme GT 2 Pro’s gestures not functioning after installing the most recent Android 14 version. The operating system’s fourteenth generation has brought a number of noteworthy extras and fascinating features to the forefront. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the OS is still in beta, so there will undoubtedly be some sharp edges. And that is what has happened.


While we have already discussed a number of problems with the most recent OS, a new one is almost ready to surface. Numerous users have reported that, in addition to the lock screen bug, the gestures on their Realme GT 2 Pro running Android 14 Beta 2 are not functioning as expected. If you also have this problem, this tutorial will inform you of a clever solution to resolve it. Observe along.

Understanding the Android 14 Gesture Issue

It’s critical to comprehend the underlying causes of the issue before moving on to potential solutions. Updated gesture controls were one of the new features that came with Android 14. Some Realme GT 2 Pro customers, however, have complained that these gestures don’t always work as intended. These issues can be anything from non-responsiveness to misidentification.

Fix Realme GT 2 Pro Android 14 Gestures not working

Turning off the Smart Sidebar is currently the only remedy that is ensuring success for users. So please try this adjustment and see if it benefits you or not. The developers are aware of this problem, according to the official position on the subject, but they haven’t provided an ETA for the release of a patch. When that occurs, we will update this manual appropriately. The aforementioned workarounds are your best option while waiting.

Realme GT 2 Pro Android 14 Gestures not working


In this tutorial, we will walk you through a thorough collection of solutions that will assist you in optimizing Android 14 gestures on the smartphone that you have chosen to use, the Realme GT 2 Pro. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to fix any problems that you have been having and regain the ability to navigate using gestures in a fluid and effective manner.

Keep in mind that technology might behave in unexpected ways at times; however, if you follow the correct troubleshooting methods, you will be able to overcome these obstacles and make the most of the possibilities of your gadget.


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