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How to put links on Instagram posts (best methods)

links on Instagram posts

In your Instagram profile, you can add links so that other people can access them. You can also put links in your Stories if you have more than 10,000 followers or in IGTV videos. That is, there are different ways to put links on Instagram and each one works differently but there is no method to put links in your publications.

How to put links on your Instagram posts?

Instagram does not allow to put external links in the publications, however, there are some tricks you can do to get each publication to have a link. With different tools, you can achieve it. However, in all of them, you must use the typical phrase “link in the bio”. The trick will be the same for the 3 tools that we will show you here, the difference will be in the characteristics of each platform.

The simplest tool to put your links on Instagram, Linkymy. photos

In this platform, you can create a copy of your Instagram feed and in this way put the links in the photos of said copy. You just have to create your account in the tool and then add your Instagram data.

When you already have your profile created, you can choose the photos from your feed that you want to have in Linkymy and the page automatically duplicates them. Once copied you can put links in the publications of the platform. You must know that there can only be 3 photos.

Now what you should do is put the link of your Linkymy. photos profile on your Instagram profile. In this way, in your Instagram photos that you want to put links to, you only have to write “link in the bio” and when people enter the link of your profile they will enter the copy that you have created with the tool.

Web Linky. photos

The most complete tool to put external links on Instagram and create a similar feed, Beacons


The operation of this platform is similar to that of Linky. The difference is that in Beacons you have more functionalities, you have no photo limits and you must make a copy of them one by one. 

When entering the platform you must register, ideally, your username is the same as your Instagram. Later you must configure your Beacons profile to make it similar to your Instagram profile, then you have to associate both accounts. Once this is done, the profile photo of both platforms will be the same.

Beacons allow you to choose the theme you prefer and adapt all the options according to your tastes. In the ‘My page’ tab you can configure different buttons, however, you will focus on ‘Links’ to start adding each publication of your Instagram profile. When adding a link you must select a title with its respective description.

They must be the same photos on both platforms. Then you upload the image to the platform and repeat the steps according to the photos you want to put in Beacons. Now you will notice that you have created something similar to an Instagram profile, this way when people enter there and touch any photo they will open the link you want.

The next thing will be that you copy the link provided by the tool and paste it into the link of your profile. Remember to write on your Instagram photo that they must access the link on your profile for the Beacons links to appear.

Web  Beacons

A very simple tool to put links on Instagram, Manylink


This platform is similar to Beacons but much simpler and easier to use. In Manylink you can create a profile similar to that of Instagram without a limit of photos. You can put links in the photos but without descriptions.

You need to register on the platform and select the ‘Links’ tab to start adding links. To add them you must click on ‘Add link’, choose a title, the address, and the link to which you want to redirect your followers. Then you must copy the link of your Manylink profile and put it in the link of your Instagram profile.

Web Manylink

With these tools, we have shown you that you can send traffic to the websites you want. Your followers only have to go to your profile and enter the link that you have put in it. Now the ideal thing will be to start increasing your followers so that more people enter those links.

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