We all use e-mail for different purposes, whether it be communicating with colleagues and friends, signing up and accessing services, receiving different kinds of alerts, and more. However, since an email service is something completely free, it is often an easy means used by spammers and advertisements to reach people around the world. This is why our inbox is often full of spam messages and in this guide, we will tell you how to get rid of it easily on Gmail.

Gmail: how to clean the inbox of spam messages

In your Gmail inbox, you can often receive any type of unwanted email, whether it’s promotional messages trying to sell you something or typical scams trying to get information or money from you. You will be logically tired of receiving emails of this type, but do not despair. Below we will list some easy ways to get rid of it.


Block spam email addresses

The easiest way to permanently get rid of spam emails on Gmail is to block their email addresses. If you regularly receive spam emails from a particular account or group of accounts, you can block their addresses by following the steps below:


  • Open the spam email you want to block;
  • Click on the three-point menu in the upper right corner;
  • Then click on Block.

This way the emails sent from the address will come previously blocked and not displayed in your box Gmail mail.

Report an email as spam

Gmail owns an automatic spam filter and integrated to detect all unwanted emails arriving in your inbox, automatically moving all related messages to the spam folder. However, sometimes spam messages may go undetected and may end up in your inbox.

In that case, you can report the email as spam, before proceeding with any elimination or blocking:

  • Open the email spam on Gmail;
  • Touch the menu with three dots in the upper right corner;
  • Then click on Report spam;
  • If asked, also click on Report spam and unsubscribe.

After a significant number of people have reported a certain domain, it will come blacklisted and all messages sent from the address will be automatically identified as spam.

Use a custom spam filter

Gmail allows you to create custom email filters. Here you can set certain parameters such as the email sender, subject, and body keywords for a message to be classified and placed in a custom folder.

You can take advantage of this useful feature to create what can effectively be a custom-born spam filter. Here are the steps to create a filter on Gmail:

  • Enter your keyword in the search bar (you can use keywords that appear in spam emails that you want to filter);
  • F.Click the down arrow right in the search bar;
  • Now click on Create filter at the bottom of the dialog box that appears;
  • Set everything according to your preferences, also selecting where the emails you have categorized should be inserted;
  • After setting the parameters, finish by doing click again on the button Create filter, which appears later.

The custom filter you created can now automatically archive, delete, tag, or classify received emails that have certain keywords that you have identified.

Other useful tips to avoid and get rid of spam messages on Gmail

  • Do not share your email address publicly: Avoid sharing your personal email address publicly. This can in fact be easily taken by the various spambots or advertising services that will not hesitate to send you spam messages immediately.
  • Use temporary email addresses: On websites that require registration to access the content, you can use temporary email services such as Temp Mail, 10 Minute Mail, Guerrilla Mail, etc. These services provide you with a temporary email address that expires after a set time. You can use them for momentary email checks without sharing your real address.
  • Don’t subscribe to newsletters or reminders: When signing up for new Internet services, be sure to uncheck the box Subscribe to the newsletter or Receive updates. These boxes are generally checked by default and are used to fill your inbox with spam messages.
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists: You may receive promotional emails from websites you have already registered for in the past. The easiest way to get rid of these spam emails is to unsubscribe. You can usually find the button Unsubscribe at the top or bottom of the message.
  • Third-Party Antispam Services: it is also possible to use third-party spam filtering services available on the net, such for example Cleanfox, which helps clean your inbox of bulk spam messages, assisted by the use of artificial intelligence.