Play NES Games With EmiNes Nokia Symbian^3

EmiNes for Nokia C7 - Play NES

Emines – a program for those who have found the generation of game consoles NES, which were known to have called Dendy. This application is the most common emulator that allows you to run old toys. Its main advantage – more or less adapted control, which allows most of the games take place in the human condition. Of course, EmiNes is not without its drawbacks, however, as a whole, it justifies itself by 100%!

EmiNes for Nokia C7 - Play NES

The main advantages of EmiNes Nokia Symbian^3 :- 

  • A large number of settings allows you to conveniently control the game.
  • Pleasant interface does not cause any nuisance.
  • A large number of games that can be run using EmiNes.
  • Gradual correction of errors.

EmiNes for Nokia C7 - Play NES

EmiNes – it’s a great outlet for all fans of the old games. The program is very worthy framed and allows the user to run and test quite a lot of interesting toys. Of course, this has its drawbacks, which, however, quickly corrected by the developer. you can purchase this application for Nokia Store.

EmiNes for Nokia C7 - Play NES

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