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How to pair Haylou GT7 TWS BT 5.2 Earbuds

Haylou GT7 TWS BT 5.2 Earbuds

Haylou GT7 headset is compatible with Android and iOS. Its full charge takes around 2 hours and provides up to 5 hours of playback on a single charge. With the recharges made through its charging case, your autonomy of use of the headphones goes up to 20 hours. It uses Bluetooth version 5.2 feature to get connection with other devices. The communication range between the headphones and the device that is connected is approximately 10 meters.

Follow the instructions below to pair your Haylou GT7 via Bluetooth from your cell phone, tablet or iPhone. If they are having some kind of problem, just apply a factory reset.

How to pair Haylou GT7 TWS BT 5.2 Earbuds on mobile?

Step 1: Remove the earbuds from the charging case to enter pairing mode.

pair Haylou GT7 TWS BT 5.2 Earbuds

Step 2: Go to the cell phone’s Bluetooth and activate the function. Wait for the headphones to be detected in the “Available devices” section. Tap “Haylou GT7” to confirm.

Step 3: In the pop-up window that opens, tap on “Pair”.

Step 4: Wait for pairing to complete.

Done! Haylou GT7 headphones are now synced to your phone.

How to use Haylou GT7 TWS BT 5.2 Earbuds?

With simple taps on the headphones, you can control various functions. See below how to answer or hang up a phone call, skip music, call voice assistant, etc.

  • Turn on earbuds: Tap and hold both earbuds for approximately 1.5 seconds or remove them from the charging case.
  • Turn off earbuds: Touch and hold both earbuds for 4.5 seconds or simply place them in the case.

Control music:

  • Pause: Tap 1 time on any headset.
  • Skip to the next track: Tap the right earphone twice.
  • Enable or disable Low Latency Mode (for gaming): Double tap the left earcup.
  • Call voice assistant: Tap 3 times on the left or right earphone.

Answer calls:

  • Answer a call: Tap 1 time on either headset.
  • Hang up a call: Tap 1 time on any of the earphones.

How to reset Haylou GT7 headphones?

Step 1: Place the 2 earbuds inside the charging case.

Step 2: Then press and hold for 10 seconds.

Step 3: To complete the reset process, go to the phone’s Bluetooth setting and unpair the headphones.


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