Opera Mini Mod v4.21.14 Handler Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

[Java] Opera Mini Mod v4.21.14 (Multiscreen)




Quick Navigation Links.
Select the type of selectable items Lang. Pack to select view.



– Change text rendering code. Change text rendering status run the program.
– Hiding edge when you click on page or scroll bar.
– Reduced the size of the block description downloads in the status window.
– Stopping the scroll pages horizontally – position on the blocks of data, you can disable in navigation settings.
– Changing the algorithm of taking the text from the page.
– When the direct input, renaming the file and ftp managers directly on the page.
– Sort options specified in the navigation.
– Running receive cookies in the loader moved from a menu entry fields on the page as a button.
– For the template files, backups, sessions, lists of downloads icon is displayed settings.
– On the home page for the crossing points to your bookmarks, history, and saved pages show icon.
– Review of Jackdaw Show Navigation moved to set type.
– Action by clicking on the tabs curbs processed upon release.
– When the power status page on the right, an icon of fixation reflected mirror vertically



– Edit “image viewer”.
– Edit functionality for showing the “Menu” on the top bar.
– Edit graphic change.
– When you install the command menu at the top edge, top edge did not hide when you turn on full screen mode.
– Edit icon display expectations.
– Edit changing display of borders after using hide / show windows.
– Edit text screen when the option “text to the end of the page.”
– For Samsung S5230 edit rename files.
– Edit application settings form.
– Removing newlines from exile, as if the link opens the selected text from the page.
– Edit image viewer. In multibufered selection was full-line, but the choice was only the width of the text.
– Edit Delete characters from the direct input.

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