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Netflix increases the prices of its plans in Europe and the US

Netflix increases the prices

Bad news for pockets is coming: Netflix has announced a price increase in two of its plans that will affect users in several countries around the world, some of them in Europe. The increase appears to be significant, exceeding 30% for the Basic plan!

Recently, there was talk of a possible price increase for Netflix, and it was said that the platform would wait for the strikes in Hollywood to end before announcing it. But, finally, Netflix has not waited any longer and has decided to apply the price increase while the movement of the actors continues.

Netflix raises the price of the Basic and Premium plans in Europe and the US

Netflix raises the price

It seems like all the streaming services are raising their prices. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney PlusSpotify and others have announced that they are going to increase the cost of their packages. Some companies say they need to raise prices to continue investing in original content.

In the case of Netflix, this increase was officially confirmed during its last call to investors. The news is that two of their plans will be a little more expensive from now on. The platform plans to roll out this upload first to users in the United States, United Kingdom, and France.

Up to 20 euros for a Netflix subscription

The Basic and Premium plans will have an increase in cost. The company has announced that the Basic plan will go from costing 7.99 euros to 10.99 euros, and the Premium plan from 17.99 euros to 19.99 euros. We show you in detail how these prices will increase in the affected countries:

  • Price changes in Europe:
    • United Kingdom: The standard and ad plans (£4.99 and £10.99) will not change in price, but the Basic plan will rise to £7.99 and the Premium plan to £17.99.
    • France: The ad and standard plans (5.99 and 13.49 euros) will remain the same, but the Basic plan will increase to 10.99 euros and the Premium to 19.99 euros.
  • Price changes in the United States:
    • The ads ($6.99) and standard ($15.49) plans remain unchanged.
    • The Basic plan goes up $2, to $11.99.
    • The Premium plan goes up $3, to $22.99.

The company defends that its initial prices remain competitive compared to other streaming services and are more affordable than the average price of a movie ticket.

The increase will soon arrive in Spain

On other occasions, we have seen that these types of price increases have been applied in different places over time. On this occasion, it seems that Spain could follow the same path as France, although the company has not yet officially confirmed this news. This increase is expected to become effective next week and will affect both new users and those who are already customers of either of the two mentioned plans.

If Netflix decides to maintain the same prices in France as in other European countries, this is how the prices of Netflix plans in Spain would be:

  • Basic Plan with ads: 5.49 euros per month.
  • Basic Plan: 10.99 euros per month.
  • Standard Plan: 12.99 euros per month.
  • Premium Plan: 19.99 euros per month.

However, we must inform you that Netflix has decided to eliminate the Basic plan in Spain for new users, so the options are reduced to opting for the three remaining options. We expand on this information below.

Netflix eliminated the Basic plan in several countries, including Spain

Netflix eliminated the Basic plan

Starting next week, the Basic plan will be eliminated in Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain, affecting new users. This plan, which offered simultaneous playback and cost 7.99 euros per month, will no longer be available.

Although the removal will be gradual, it will affect new users and those who re-register. Currently, no changes have been announced for existing users who will maintain their subscription to the Basic plan for a while.

Consequently, new users looking for an economical option will only have the alternative with ads, at a price of €5.49/month, while the Standard plan is positioned at €12.99/month. Netflix has applied this strategy in other countries, and an increase in subscriptions to the ad-supported plan has been reported, which now represents 30% of new subscriptions.

In general, the Basic and Premium plans will have a considerable increase. How will this affect your pocketbook? In addition, they also eliminate the Basic plan in Spain, will you opt for the new plans or will you look for alternatives?

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