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How to Install Shazam Addon on Kodi – Guide

Shazam is an incredible mobile app that has revolutionized the way we access music. It allows users to quickly and easily identify songs based on just a few seconds of audio. Whether you’re in a store, at a restaurant, or even walking down the street, Shazam can help you find out what song is playing so you can buy it or add it to your playlist.

The app works by analyzing sound waves from whatever source they are coming from and comparing them with its vast database of millions of songs. When there’s enough overlap between the two sets of data points for Shazam to make an accurate match, it will then display information about that particular track such as the artist name, album title, and more! You also have the option to share your discovery with friends via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook too – how cool is that?

How to Install Shazam Addon on Kodi [Movies and Series]

The Shazam addon on Kodi is a video addon where we can find content from movies and series in English and subtitles. The addon is compatible with Kodi 19. If any problem arises, you can let me know in the comments.

Note: As Kodi users, we recommend the use of a VPN  to have full access to all addons, including torrents.

The steps to perform the Shazam Addon installation are as follows:

If this is the first time you install an unofficial Kodi addon, you must give permission to Kodi.

Open Kodi and located it in Settings (gear icon)

Press the back button on your device once. Now, choose File Manager.

File Manager.

Select Add Source. When the Add file source window shows up, click where it says “None.” You’ll see a new window that asks you to type in a URL. Type http :// narcacist . com / repo exactly as it appears here and then press OK.
[quads id=2]

If you want to download the zip file you can place the URL in a web browser.

Click on the narcissist. And Click on the zip file. After a moment, you will see a message stating narcissist Repository Add-on is installed.

Installing the Shazam Addon From the Narcacist Repository

Once you’ve finished the last step, you’ll be ready to install Shazam from the Narcacist Repository.

On the same screen, click the button labeled Install from the repository.

Install from Repository.jpeg

The Narcacist Repository should now be visible to you. Go ahead and tap that link.

Select Video add-ons.

To watch Shazam, scroll down and click on it.

Select the Install button at the bottom-right corner.

Acknowledge the installations by pressing OK.

A confirmation message reading “Shazam Add-on installed” should show up after a moment. Success! Okay, let’s move forward with installing the extension.

To return to the Kodi menu, simply press the device’s back button.

Make your way down to Add-ons (but don’t click on it). Scroll to the right portion of the screen and find the category for Video add-ons. Select Shazam to launch it.

Special thanks to the creator of the Narcacist addon for taking the time to create and share the addon with the community.


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