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Guide Install The EndZone 19 Kodi Addon [Live Sports]

With Endzone 19, you can watch high-quality live sports streams from all over the world, as well as on-demand content. This addon provides you with a variety of options to suit your entertainment needs, including live sports, replays, and highlights. So whether you’re looking for a way to stay entertained during your free time, or you’re interested in following your favorite sports team, Endzone 19 is the perfect addon for you.

This guide with screenshots will show you how to install The EndZone 19 Kodi addon to watch your favorite sports and competitions live and replays for free. We tested the process on the latest version of Kodi, and it should work on older versions as well. Kodi is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, so following these simple steps should work on any device you have.


If you are new to Kodi, this guide will help you get started and set up Kodi correctly so you can enjoy your favorite media content. Updating Kodi to the latest version is always a good idea, and we recommend it highly. Updates are always a good thing because they help to fix problems and make improvements.

About The EndZone 19 Kodi Addon

The EndZone 19 Kodi addon is a great choice for sports and competition fans – it offers live and replays of sports and competitions on Kodi. The American Sports Addon is one of the most popular third-party add-ons for sports in the United States.

This addon is not affiliated with Kodi, so you can be sure it’s an unofficial addition that’s not supported by the official Kodi repository. The EndZone 19 addon is compatible with the latest Kodi version 20 Nexus, so you can watch your favorite sports and entertainment content with ease.

The EndZone 19 Kodi addon has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. You’ll be able to find anything you want to watch with our extensive library of content.

On the main screen, you can find a variety of sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA / Boxing, and Wrestling. If you love watching American football, The EndZone 19 addon is a valuable addition to your collection.

About The EndZone 19 Kodi Addon

The EndZone 19 Kodi addon is a top-rated sports addon for Kodi that provides a wide variety of content, including high-quality playback and smooth navigation. It is loved by users for its variety and quality.

Install The EndZone 19 addon on Kodi

To install The EndZone 19 addon on Kodi, follow these simple steps.

  • Enable installation from unknown sources
  • Install the hosting repository
  • Install The EndZone 19 Kodi addon

Enable installation from unknown sources.

We recommend using the official Kodi addons, which are kept up to date by the developers. However, there are some amazing third-party add-ons available that you should definitely check out. By allowing Kodi to install from unknown sources, you’re ensuring that you have access to the best available content.

Install the hosting repository

With the unknown sources option enabled, Kodi is now ready to install any addon or repository, no matter its source.

The EndZone 19 Kodi addon is a trusted and high-quality source of content, with regular updates.

  • The source URL:

To install the repository, we will need to add a media source. We’ve already covered adding a source in Kodi, so if you need help, check our guide. Otherwise, follow these instructions to add a source.

  • To get started with Kodi, open it and click on the gear icon to access its settings.

 gear icon to access the settings.

  • Enter the File Manager

File Manager

  • Select Add Source
Select Add Source
  • Double click on “< None >”.
  • In the URL bar, type the URL of the media source and press OK :
  • Enter a name for this source so you can easily recognize it later, and press OK. In this case we put “Where The Monsters Live Repository“.

URL of the media source

  • Again, click OK to confirm
Again, click OK to confirm


  • From the settings page, enter the Add-ons browser “Open box icon” to get started.

Add-ons browser

  • Select “Install from a Zip file“.
Install from a Zip file
  • Click OK to bypass the installation warning
bypass the installation warning
  • Find the name of the source you just added in the previous step and click on it.
name of the source
  • Select “” and click on it.
Guide Install The EndZone 19 Kodi Addon [Live Sports]
  • Wait a few seconds until a popup message appears in the upper right corner telling you that the Repository is installed.
Repository is installed.

Install The EndZone 19 Kodi addon

Installation of The EndZone 19 Kodi addon is a prerequisite for installing The Where The Monsters Live Repository repository. Thanks for choosing The Where The Monsters Live Repository repository!

  • To install a new add-on, simply browse to the Install from a repository section on the settings page.

 Install from a repository

  • Select The Where The Monsters Live Repository

Monsters Live Repository

  • Then, Video Add-ons
Video Add-ons
  • Find the “The EndZone 19” addon and click on it.
The EndZone 19
  • Click on Install
Guide Install The EndZone 19 Kodi Addon [Live Sports]
  • Click OK to install the additional add-ons needed for the addon to work properly.
additional addons
  • In a few seconds, a popup message will inform you that The EndZone 19 addon is installed.
The EndZone 19 addon is installed
Thank you for installing The EndZone 19 Kodi addon. We hope you enjoy it!
To get to your newly installed addon, go to the Kodi home screen and find the Add-ons option in the Video Add-ons category. The EndZone 19 addon should be listed there.
EndZone 19 Kodi addon

EndZone 19 is a great streaming addon for Kodi that offers a wide range of live American sports. The addon has an easy-to-use user interface that is designed to be user-friendly and helpful. It has a variety of features and tools that make it easy to find and watch your favorite content.

The EndZone 19 addon is not an official add-on, and it’s not available on the official Kodi repository. It’s also not legal, and its contents may be copyrighted. It’s not authorized to be streamed.

Therefore, it’s important to use caution when using add-ons like this and to consider using a VPN before streaming anything online on your Kodi device to protect your streaming activities and avoid copyright infringement issues.

Protecting yourself from malware is easy with a good VPN. We will disguise your original IP address while streaming, so you can maintain anonymity while watching.


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