install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy S3

Cyanogen Mod 13 at S3 is based on the 6.0.1 version of Android Marshmallow and forkbomb444, flash developer, claims that almost all of it works. You’ll be happy to hear that with such important features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, SD-card, mobile phones, camera, DRM and GPS is no problem

How to install Android 6.0.1 on Galaxy S3


You need to download the firmware ( and GApps, and then move them to your phone. To install these two files you need custom rekaveri TWRP. Download it for Samsung Galaxy S3 can be here. Installation instructions – here. Once you have kasmomnoe rekaveri, you can proceed to the installation of the firmware:

  1. Download the required files and move them to your Galaxy S3.
  2. Turn off your smartphone, and then run it into a rekaveri. To do this, press and hold the “Volume up”,“Home” and “Power”.
  3. Make custom in rekaveri backup. How to do it you can read here. Then, if something goes wrong, or the firmware you do not like, you can easily revert to a previous firmware without data loss.
  4. Clear the memory of the current firmware, making wipes are in the menu “Wipe”. We recommend a thorough cleaning, so place a checkmark in “Data”, “Cache”, “Dalvik cache” and “System”.
  5. Install CM13 menu “Install”, and then GApps.

Reboot your device and wait for the appearance of the initial setup. The process can take about 10 minutes

    cm-13 0-20151212-UNOFFICIAL-i9300 zip, 13-0-20151212-unofficial com, gapps 13 0-20151212-unofficial-i9300, download cm-13 0-20151212-UNOFFICIAL-i9300 zip, cm-13-0-20151212-unofficial-i9300 zip