How To Uninstall Applications Using TWRP

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Uninstall Applications Using TWRP

Uninstall Applications Using TWRP

Requirements To Uninstall Applications Using TWRP:
TWRP installed (look in the forum related to your device) Procedure:

1. Restart in recovery mode.

2. Go to “Advanced”.

3. Now “File Manager”.

4. In the manager who opened, enters “/ data/app”.

5. Open the folder corresponding application.

6. In the lower right corner, press “select”.

7. After “Delete” and slide to begin the process.

8.Press “Back”, return to root manager and go to “/ data / data”.

9. Do the same (steps 5-7) with the same name folder to you recently deleted

10. Go back to the initial menu TWRP;

11. Can you give wipe data and cache if you want?

12. Go to “Reboot” and then “System”.Ready! If the deleted app was really what caused the boot loop, your system will start correctly.ítulo.png
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  1. this really helped me! Thanks a ton. if not for this article, i would have lost a lot of data.

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