How To Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

turn your home into a smart home

The true Smart Home concept will take a long time to become reality. But luckily there are some accessories and devices that can offer some advantages in this sense.

How To Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

In this article we will show you some alternatives that you can use to make your environment smarter.

What is a Smart Home?

In short, it is a term that is connected to integrated home automation, which offers different possibilities to the user through the Internet. Through this system it is possible to control appliances, lighting, temperature, multimedia, security, windows, and doors.

Can my house be smart?

Yes. Every home can become smart. This will require powerful Wi-Fi capable of reaching every room in the house.

Devices for your smart home

Today, let’s take a tour of my hypothetical Smart Home, where we will find out what these smart devices do and how they can help us.

Smart Lock

If I have to get a visit, I go to buy beer, drinks, and snacks. When it is time to go home, I will definitely be full of bags in my hands and will have to juggle to get the keys and open the door. With Smart Lock, I can open the door with the biometrics of my finger. Much more practical!

In the domestic market there are few Smart Lock options, where the user can register his biometrics on smart padlocks.

Of course, this concept has yet to spread, perhaps in the coming years. For example, on the Internet it is possible to find padlocks of the Kevo brand, managed via the mobile phone.

Refrigerator and microwave

Well, I went into the house and I have to fix everything I bought. Most importantly, I didn’t forget to buy anything, because the smart refrigerator system reminded me of the number of beers I had. It also reminded me that I had little milk and yogurt.

Yes, this is possible with the ideal Smart Home system. In this area we have aggressive investments from Samsung (Samsung Hub line) and LG. Its newer versions include touch screens on the refrigerator door, cameras for scanning food inside the refrigerator, gathering information on the expiration date and purchase.

Multimedia center

How about some music? This is one of the possibilities of the intelligent systems that I like, which is to listen to music from any of the Wi-Fi devices in every room of the house. You can subscribe to a particular service for this purpose, such as Sonos, or integrate environments that use traditional streaming services such as Spotify.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are much more popular today. To activate a song like I said above, for example, I can ask Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. They are well optimized and work with voice commands.

Security cameras

Obviously my house is not a villa, but for security reasons I can opt for a surveillance camera system. In the Smart Home system I can view images of someone on the front gate in any room where I am on a smartphone, tablet, monitor or TV. All I have to do is take the cell phone and communicate with that person without leaving the place where I am.


We have arrived in a room! To create a more welcoming atmosphere, I will change the colors of the lamps to give a warmer tone to the environment. I will also turn off the kitchen light that I left. But make no mistake, all of this will be done through my smartphone, thanks to Philips Hue smart lamps.

Smart TV

How about ending up visiting my house and watching a good movie or series on Netflix? Yes, because a smart home cannot miss a smart TV. This device is standard, that is, it is equipped with a TV with operating systems and with Internet access.

Smart cleaning

Our tour of my house is about to end, but first I want to show you something new: my smart vacuum cleaner. A product like iRobot Roomba 650 can be controlled via the smartphone and all I have to do is worry about monitoring it. Simpler than that.

Sleep monitoring

Once again: thank you for following my tour. Now I go to bed and hope to sleep well all night. On top of my bedside table is the Hello “Sense my voice” device, which is a sleep monitor.

This gadget combines many sensor sensors such as humidity, temperature, pressure, and air quality and must be positioned under the pillow so that it takes place independently. So I have a complete record of my night.

Sleep monitoring

Other smart products …

I would like to mention two smart devices here which I consider useful. One is the smart thermostat, which controls the air conditioning based on the humidity of the air.

It may sound silly, but with one device we can save energy and money. The second is a water leak detector, which warns us of any problems. There are many accessories with these characteristics for sale on the market.

And you already use one of these technologies? Can you tell us how you are?

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