How To Choose LED Bulbs Suitable For Your Home

LED Bulbs Suitable For Your Home

The topic of energy-saving nowadays is more and more popular, in fact, there are numerous devices able to give your home a brightness suited to the spaces, but through much more efficient light bulbs.

The bulbs LEDs are a good choice between a large lightingduration in time, and energy savings. Thanks to their light irradiation system, they are able to achieve great energy efficiency with very low consumption.

Led means in English light-emitting diode, and today they have replaced almost everywhere the normal incandescent bulbs.

There are various types of LED bulbs, depending on the use to be made. Before proceeding with the purchase, however, it is necessary to know some essential technical checks to better understand how it works.

Recognize light bulbs for your home

First of all, the unit of measurement of illumination for a LED luminaire is the lumen, unlike the classic light bulbs, in which the watt is used. For example, in order to replace an old light bulb with an intensity of 100 W, you need to buy one with a 1300 lumen LED.

Not all LED bulbs have the same features, in fact, the latter varies according to the type of lamp holder, which can be interlocking or screwing.

Another important factor to consider when buying a LED product is the color temperature emitted. It is expressed in Kelvin, the higher the value expressed in degrees kelvin, the more the light will be radiated with a cold hue.

The types of attacks available

As already mentioned, not all bulbs have the same attacks, in fact, they are very different especially for the type of lamp used. Generally the most popular are the E27 and E14: the former has the characteristic of having a large and short screw, while the latter have much smaller attachments.

Generally the former is used for chandeliers, while the latter for table or desk lamps. It is always advisable to have the sample with you when you go to a shop where the sale of LED bulbs is made, in order to make a correct purchase.

As for the spotlights, however, the bayonet model is used, called GU10 and GU5.3.

Regarding the bulbs, you can come across categories G9G4, and G24, which indicate particular types of attacks that are not screwed.

The shape of the led bulbs

Their shape adapts to different aesthetic and structural needs. There are different types, but surely the drop and sphere ones are the best known. Their characteristic is to have both the large E27 and E14 attacks and are very commonly used for ceiling lights, chandeliers, and table lamps.

Instead, if you are in the presence of a chandelier with arms, where you need a design light bulb that is clearly visible, you need to opt for the categories called ” twisting ” or ” gust of wind “.

The study of LED bulbs, applied to interior design, has given the possibility to obtain not only simple lighting but also real decorative light points, which give style and brightness to the room.

These, for example, are embedded inside plasterboard false ceilings. A system that possesses these characteristics gives a great added value to the home, as they sell fully exploited the capabilities of the projectors, even being able to highlight particular furnishing accessories present inside the home.

Another very common use of LED lamps in interior design is the positioning of the latter inside wardrobes or showcases. There are various variable types, depending on the use. The LEDs inside the cabinets can be powered by batteries or electric current through a transformer. Led strips are very common for this use, as they adapt to any shape and are easy to install.

With regard to the emitter diffusion angle, 2 types are distinguished: those with a radius of 360 degrees and the second at 180 degrees.


The energy cases of LED lamps are generally from A ++ to A, thus ensuring a much higher energy-saving performance.

Furthermore, the latter is more durable and more resistant to continuous switching off and on, so even if their purchase price is higher, thanks to their characteristics, they are a much more valid product than classic light bulbs. Choosing the LED for your home is worthwhile, but some precautions must be taken for a safe and targeted purchase.

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