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How to schedule downloads in Google Chrome for Android

As you already know, if we access the Internet we can download all kinds of files, applications, and documents and store them on our mobile. However, sometimes we find some that are large and therefore take a long time to download, in addition to the possibility of spending much more data. Therefore, Google Chrome has incorporated a new function so that we can schedule downloads of these files on our phone, to save time and data and offer us a better experience.

How much data can you save by scheduling file downloads?

Most browsers offer us the option of scheduling file downloads. First of all, you should know that this function can be applied in two different ways. On the one hand, the most recommended option to carry out this task is through technology Wifi. If we connect to a Wi-fi network, we can save the data on our phone as much as possible, since if we do it with our own Mobile data we will exhaust them quickly. In this sense, it is best to do it through Wi-Fi when we are trying to download large files or we can not do it at a certain time.

On the other hand, there are also applications or download managers that help us to carry out this task. These apps are designed to download files from the Internet, relying on different algorithms to allow us to pause or resume downloads according to our needs, in addition to other interesting functions that we can find in them. In addition, through these, we can get a faster download speed since it can make multiple simultaneous connections and thus get the most out of it. Obviously, we can also program them to start whenever we want.

In any case, Google Chrome also offers an alternative to save data, both mobile and Wi-Fi. It’s about the Basic mode that the application offers us. With this option, those pages that are difficult to load, as well as for the heaviest downloads, we can simplify them so that less data is used on your device. This is achieved thanks to the fact that Chrome uses Google’s servers to speed up the process. You should not worry, as in most cases the pages will keep the same appearance and work correctly. To activate it, you must follow the following steps:

chrome basic mode

  • On your mobile, open the application Google Chrome.
  • Once inside, you will see an option with three points located in the upper right part of the app.
  • When all the options are displayed, access the tab Setting.
  • In section Advanced configuration, look for the option of Basic mode.
  • Activate this option and you will have it ready to use.

Based on the description that appears in this mode, in addition to the ability to load pages faster, we will reduce data usage by up to 60%, a fairly high percentage if we compare it with the conventional method. In fact, when we activate it we have the option to check the amount of data that we have saved. This appears in the same route that we have mentioned previously.

Steps to schedule document download in Chrome

This function allows you to schedule downloads so that you can choose when you want them to start downloading. To do this, we can adjust several options before starting the downloads, such as selecting the specific time and date or doing it only through Wi-Fi data, among others. You should know that this function is not yet incorporated as such in the application, so if we want to schedule our files, we must activate Flags Chrome, a very useful tool.

chrome flags

Flags are experimental options that appear integrated into the application, and their purpose is to offer users customization to suit them so that they can test them. Its operation is very simple since in each of these it is explained how they work. First of all, you should bear in mind that enabling some of these may present problems in the browser, in addition to some functions not running correctly. Be that as it may, these are the steps to follow to activate the download scheduling:

  • On your mobile, open the Google Chrome application.
  • Then click on the address bar that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Inside this, you must write the following: Chrome: // flags.

Before continuing, we will be shown a screen with all the experimental functions. They are divided into available Y not available, and also, a notice appears that if we enable them, we could lose browsing data and put our security and privacy at risk.

  • When we have accessed this address, we must access the seeker of flags.
  • Here, we must write the following: Enable download later. It can also appear in a simplified way by writing # download-later. Here we can also establish another option in which dialogue to download later via Wi-Fi.
  • When it is shown to us on the screen, press the extensible bar that appears below.
  • Here it will show us three options: Default, Enabled Y Disabled. To activate it, click on the Enabled option.
  • Automatically, at the bottom of the screen, it will allow us to restart the application. Click on the button Relaunch, and ready.

With the option already activated, when you go to download a file or document from the application, the browser will ask you when you want to download it. It will give you the option to do it through Wi-Fi at that moment or schedule it for later, where you can choose the specific date and time for the download to take place.

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