Sometime when we receive an important notice can not necessarily respond immediately so it is allowed in the bar with a risk that we forget.


This application is Boomerang Notification , admit that the name is well chosen. It will allow you to save a notification but also send us a reminder of that to be sure to remember.

Install Boomerang Notification

Obviously the first thing to do is download and install the application, for it is you do a search in the Play Store or you simply just click the link below:


Ensuring access to notifications Boomerang

As Boomerang need to notifications, you must grant it access to the latter. For this when launching for the first time the application it will take you to the settings after you click “Enable.”From here push the button next to Boomerang and then confirm with “Allow” .


Select the applications you can save the notifications

Rather a practical application gives you the choice. Or you can save the notifications of all applications or only some, for you to see. I advise you to choose the applications , because whenever Boomerang sends you a notification about whether you want to save.


So you better choose to activate only for the most important applications like mail or hangout Facebook even if invitations to a birthday or other.

Start using Boomerang Notification

It is now that the application is configured, go to its use. Boomerang will be permanently present in the notifications, the logo will be visible only when you have saved a notification. So when you receive notification if you reject the notification you will have a second message Boomerang asking if you want to “save” the notification or “Save Reminder + ‘.


If you choose the first case then you will see the notification Boomerang a message or an email is waiting for a response from you. If you take the second option, you can add a reminder , and if the email or message asking you to respond before a certain time, you can choose the time and respond in time.

This application is thus in the air heads, but also helps answer a productivity problem, when you have no time to care for an important notice immediately. It is also  easy to use, ergonomic and quite pretty with its Material Design.