QCY T20 headphones


The QCY T20 headset features Bluetooth 5.3 for better connectivity and has a range of up to 10m in barrier-free environments. It uses a 13mm driver to provide good sound quality. It has 4 studio quality microphones and uses ENC technology that eliminates external noise when your voice is captured.

It has IPX4 certification, which means they are resistant to sweat and water splashes. The QCY T20 earphones are very light and weigh about 3.7g, and because they have the IN-EAR design, they fit perfectly in the ear and are very comfortable.


Regarding the battery life, the QCY T20 Bluetooth headset has an autonomy of up to 5 and a half hours and another 20 hours using the charging case refills. With its ultra-fast charging system, you guarantee 1 hour of charge in the headphones in just 10 minutes.

How to pair QCY T20 headphones?

Before starting, make sure your headphones have enough charge. For more information, read below in the section “How do I know the battery level of QCY T20 headphones and their case?”.

Step 1: Remove the earbuds from inside the charging case. The LEDs will turn white, indicating that they are now discoverable.

pair QCY T20

Step 2: Then turn on your mobile’s Bluetooth. When the earbuds are detected in the “Available devices” section, tap “QCY AilyPods” or “QCY-T20”.

Step 3: Finally, confirm the pairing of the headphones in the pop-up window that opens.

Now that they are already paired on your phone, see below how to use the ringtone controls and other information.

How to use QCY T20 headphones?

With your QCY T20 headphones perfectly paired, you can easily use them to answer a call, control music, and even use the mobile’s virtual assistant. See the procedures below:

use QCY T20 headphones

Turn the headphones on or off:

  • Remove the earphones from the case to turn them on.
  • Put the headphones inside the case to turn them off.

Control songs:

  • While playing a song, double tap the left/right earphone to pause or play.
  • Press and hold the left earphone’s touch area for 1.5s to play the previous song.
  • Press and hold the right earphone’s touch area for 1.5s to play the next song.

Answer or decline a call:

  • Tap 2 times on the left or right touch area to answer and 2 times to end a call.
  • Press and hold the touch area for 1.5s on either headset to decline a call.

Control the volume:

  • Tap the right earphone to increase the volume.
  • Tap the left earcup to decrease the volume.

Invoke Voice Assistant:

  • Tap 3 times on the left earphone.

Enable low latency mode:

  • Tap 3 times on the right earphone.

Other settings:

To invoke the Voice Assistant, activate Game Mode, or control the volume of the headphones, you will need to have the QCY app installed on your phone. To download, open the App from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and search for “QCY”. After installation, open the QCY app, log into your account (if you don’t already have an account, click “create account”) and follow the on-screen instructions.

To change the settings of the left or right earphone controls, go to the “Home” tab, tap “Settings” above and make the desired changes.

How to know the battery level of QCY T20 headphones and their case?

See below for the necessary information about charging the earbuds/case and also the meaning of your device’s indicator light colors.


  • Charging: LEDs are solid red.
  • Fully charged: LEDs are white for the 30s.

Also, you can check the battery level of the headphones through the app. To do this, go to the page, tap “Status” above and check the battery level of the right and left earphones.

Charging case:

  • Low charge: LED will flash white for 4s when (earphones must be inside the case).
  • Charging: the LED is flashing in white.
  • Fully charged: the LED is solid white.

How to reset QCY T20 headphones?

If the headphones do not automatically connect to the device when removed from the case, even though they are charged and paired properly, try to resolve the issue by following the steps below to do a factory reset.

  1. First, access the cell phone’s Bluetooth, remove the previous connection with the headphones and turn off Bluetooth.
  2. Remove the earbuds from the charging case and tap the touch area 5 times.
  3. The LEDs will flash white to indicate that the reset is complete.

Done! Now just follow the steps in the “How to pair the QCY T20 headphones” section to reconnect them with your cell phone.


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