How to improve microphone quality Galaxy S5

How to improve microphone quality Galaxy S5

Before we start please note that this procedure needs root access.

connect your phone to your computer first. Access the directory,system / etc where you have to find the file.mixer_paths.xml Copy and paste the file in the root of your SD card, renaming it ormixed_pahts_original.xml something similar, so you have a backup of the file.

Back,system / etcmixer_paths.xml and open it with a text editor. Look for a line called.< path name = "rec-main-mic"> From here you will find several lines related to the volume or DEC4 named as DEC2, which follow a format similar to this:

<Ctl name = "DEC2 Volume" value = "95" />

What we have to do is change the field value by “106” in all of them, so that they are like this:

<Ctl name = "DEC2 Volume" value = "106" />

When you have edited all the lines, save the file and set the required permissions. Linux is made from a terminal with the following format:

chmod 644 mixer_paths.xml

In Windows you would have to open a command prompt window and use the following:

 CACLS mixer_paths.xml / e / p} {your_username: F
 If you think that this is to complicated you can try this method
Download this zip file. and install it via cwm recovery. if you want to back to the stock setting then install this file via recovery.

This mod does not increase the gain and volume on calls. Only improves the quality of the micro when a record or send voice messages. Do not hesitate to come and tell us how has your experience if you dare to try this modification.

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