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How To Clear Kodi Cache [Guide]

Clear Kodi Cache

This article will demonstrate how to clear Kodi’s cache and significantly improve performance.


Kodi is a potent media hub that has been available for a while. Due to all the incredible features and capabilities it has, it has become extremely popular. You can play any type of media content using Kodi. Regardless of whether your media data is streamed online or stored locally.

In addition to being watched, movies, TV shows, music, and pictures are also arranged in libraries with posters, descriptions, and other details. Kodi locally stores this amount of information in a number of files to ensure smooth streaming. The “cache” is another name for this.

Why does Kodi store information locally?

Kodi is more than just a program for streaming music and video. You can download movie or television series posters, synopses, thumbnails, and other relevant information. Similarly, add-on content is presented with just this information to facilitate navigation.

Kodi loads this information into the fictitious “cache” after the initial call rather than reloading it every time. The network load and loading times are greatly decreased as a result.

Not just posters and other pieces of information are put in the cache. “Packages” are also kept by Kodi. If you get an add-on from a media source as a ZIP file, the archive must be unzipped before it can be installed. Kodi does not delete these unpacked files on its own.

Kodi also limits access to local or network hard drives automatically in the background. If you have your posters and thumbnails on one of these disks, for example, this information is linked to the movie or TV show it is for. A database file is where Kodi keeps track of the paths to all of this information.

All of this means that it takes longer than usual to start up Kodi and load content. Over time, the “cache” grows to several hundred megabytes. This takes up space on the hard drive and slows down Kodi.

Clear Kodi cache and local information

You should clear Kodi’s cache every so often so that the file system doesn’t grow too much and slow down the program.

You can clear Kodi’s cache in a few different ways. For instance, there are maintenance-specific add-ons like the OpenWizard add-on. It is also possible to delete files from the local storage by hand, but this requires a lot of knowledge.

Clear Kodi cache using OpenWizard addon

The easiest way to clear Kodi’s cache is to use a maintenance addon for that purpose. OpenWizard is one of the best add-ons for Kodi. You can clear the cache and delete thumbnails and addon installation files with this addon. OpenWizard also has a lot of other useful features.

We’ve already talked about how to install the OpenWizard addon in a different article. We also talked about the most important features and what they do.

Here is an example of one of the options that can be found in the addon’s maintenance section.

In addition to the “Cleaning Tools” to clear the cache. There is also a way to back up your system and tweak it to make it work better.

The different cleaning tools, which you can find under “Cleaning Tools,” also tell you how much space you can free up by getting rid of cache, thumbnails, etc.

Clear thumbnail cache manually

When you move your mouse over a menu item, Kodi will store all of the images that go with it. This could be a movie poster, an image from an episode, or a poster for a season. It could also be a symbol or icon. Whenever you find an image in a list, it will be saved. They are also known as “thumbnails.”

  • You can delete thumbnails by hand in a few steps, even without a Kodi addon.
  • The gear icon in Kodi’s main menu lets you change the system settings.

System Settings

  • Opens the “File Manager“.
File manager
  • Now, click on “Profile directory.” In this folder, you will find files that are specific to Kodi.
  • Mark the “Thumbnails” folder and then open the context menu (long press on the select button or right-click). All of the saved images, logos, and icons are in the thumbnail folder. This folder can hold more than 1000 files.
  • Press Delete.
  • Confirm this action with “Yes“.
  • Then open the “Database” folder.
  • Choose “Textures13.db,” and then open the context menu once more. This file holds links and paths for metadata, such as information about thumbnails and where to call them.
  • Press “Delete“…
  • Confirm the action with “Yes“. Afterward, Make sure to restart Kodi so that your actions take effect!

Wrapping Up

Using the above methods and add-ons, you will be able to clear all of Kodi’s cache and other temporary data. Then you can watch the videos again without buffering or other problems. If you have any trouble, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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