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How To Clean a Kitchen Fast

How To Clean a Kitchen Fast

In this quick article, I will share some ideas to clean your dirty kitchen fastest way and are of ways that will not take long and clean your kitchen in 30 minutes.

Seasons often change the layout of most women’s home furniture Trying to give. Closure of clothes, blankets and warm clothes

In addition to having cabinets etc. often the home is completely So that the new season is welcome and the home is tailored to it Can be molded.

Today we have an important aspect of this cleaning kitchen And a light on the cleaning of the equipment used in it Will help women complete the work of hours in minutes

Do The following is some of their details

Blender Cleaning

Blender is used to make juice and so on. One way to clean it is to use blender whenever you use it Immediately after draining the juice, add some water and wash close the blender cap by inserting a liquid and let the machine run for 20 seconds. Give up Then rinse it with plain water. Clean the blender will be done.

Make the frying pan shiny

If a frying pan made of cast iron is washed with a washing soap or liquid, then its coating begins to degrade. If they have to be used for a long time, rub them at least with liquid soup.

If non-stick pans are cleansed with kinetic, their life can be extended. To clean the traces of the frying pan, put two to three tablespoons of salt on it and rub it with a piece of pan towel then rinse it with water. In this way, it will not have the smell of meat and it will be well cleaned.

Refrigerator cleaning

Refrigerators are an essential part of our homes but unfortunately in most homes, they are used as closets. It is filled with something else.

The pollutants contained in the atmosphere go into it and bear it. If you need to clean the refrigerator, apply Baking soda on a wet cloth.

Then wash the stain with a clean cloth and wipe the stain. Then rinse the refrigerator with a dry cloth and leave the door open for half an hour.

Then add four or five tablespoons of Baking soda in a cup and place it in the refrigerator, the odor will disappear. Give one and a half months to settle down.

Microwave oven cleaning

The trend of using microwave ovens to heat food faster and faster in-office homes and hospitals are increasing rapidly.

The type of dish in which you want to heat the food is specially called microwave-proof. Never use plastic utensils in it.

Because plastic chemicals can be hazardous to melting. Do not use open dishes in the microwave.

Because they also prove to be as dangerous as plastic utensils. Do not reheat an item in the microwave once heated, so repeated heating can be detrimental to health.

The microwave oven needs to be cleaned because it is used in general.

To clean it, add two teaspoons baking soda in half a cup of vinegar. Carefully remove the oven glass plate and then clean it thoroughly.

Carefully clean the glass plate and place it on the table. Rinse the microwave oven thoroughly and leave it open for 15 minutes.

If you have a fan, that’s even better.

How to clean stoves

How to prepare delicious food if there is no stove. But if the cooking is done on a clean stove, the life of the stove increases with ease of cooking.

To clean the grease on it, mix the washing liquid and Vinegar in equal quantities. Put it on the stove and after some time clean it. They will be very clean.

Shiny cups of tea

Tea set cups contain traces of tea. Who are ashamed to present themselves to guests.

To clean such bowls, mix salt and Vinegar in equal quantity in a cup. When the mixture is ready, apply it to the dirty cups. Let this mixer stay on them for a while. Then rub them gently with a hand rub.

Also, clean the dustbin in the kitchen both inside and out. In addition, wash aprons, towels, and sponges for daily use. Put new khaki paper in it. Clean the bottles of the condiments.

If you want to wash the walls, then wash the powder with clean water and clean it. In the kitchen, scrub the fan or exhaust fan thoroughly to allow the soil to dry.

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