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How to access Stremio from the browser

access Stremio from the browser

Stremio is a versatile platform for streaming movies, series, documentaries, and TV channels. You can access its content via dedicated applications for computers, mobile phones, and smart TVs. Additionally, a convenient web version is available that allows you to enjoy all the content without any downloads. Learn how to use Stremio’s web version online and discover its unique benefits in this article.

How to access Stremio from the browser

To access the web version of Stremio, begin by visiting the official platform page through either of the following official links:


Link | Stremio website

Alternative link | Stremio web v.4.4

How to install addons in the web version of Stremio

addons in the web version of Stremio

To access content in the web version of Stremio, click on the title of interest. This action will open a file containing details like synopsis, cast, trailer, and rating. Additionally, you’ll find a selection of sources or add-ons to play the content from.

These sources vary from official to community-created ones. Choose based on your preferences for quality, language, and available subtitles.


As you know, the best thing about Stremio is its add-ons in Spanish that allow you to add many sources to watch free content. In the online version of Stremio, you can also install addons this way :

  • Click on the Addons icon (shown as a puzzle piece) located on the left side.
  • Navigate to the Installed menu and choose either Official Addons or Community Addons.
  • Here, you’ll find a diverse range of add-ons. To install one, simply click on the Install button next to your choice (please wait for loading to complete before confirming installation).
  • If the addon you wish to install isn’t listed, select the Add addon button. Paste the addon link, click Add, and you’re done.
  • Unsure where to find addon links for Stremio? You can access them on the Stremio Community Addons List website. This site showcases all community-created add-ons, including Torrentio and SuperFlix. Simply click the “Copy Link” button to easily install these add-ons as previously outlined.

After installing Stremio add-ons with additional content sources, simply clicking the play button for your desired content will launch the Stremio player in your browser. From there, you can adjust volume, brightness, subtitles, and screen size to your liking. Feel free to pause, fast forward, or rewind the content as needed.

The web version of Stremio does not load movies or series: why and the solution

If you encounter the error “Video is not supported” or “Failed to fetch” while attempting to stream a movie or series on Stremio online, don’t worry. The web version of Stremio cannot play torrents from addons like Torrentio,

ThePirateBay, or MediaFusion independently. To access content from unofficial add-ons online, you must install the Stremio application on your computer. Download it from the official Stremio website, install it, and keep it running in the background to resolve the issue automatically.

Using the web version of Stremio is straightforward and convenient. With a stable Internet connection and a compatible browser, you can access all of Stremio’s content without restrictions. Why not give it a try today?

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