How To Install Honor Play and 9N June EMUI 10 Update

Honor Play and 9N

The Security Update of June 2020 started to be released for the  Huawei P30 lite and now it is the turn of Honor Play As we know the Honor 9N is also receiving this latest security improvement. Both devices run EMUI 9.1 ( Android ), and not the desired EMUI 10 (Android 10).

Both devices run EMUI 9.1 (Android), and not the desired EMUI 10 (Android 10).

The Security Update of June 2020 started to be released for the  Huawei P30 lite and now it is the turn of Honor Play As we know the Honor 9N is also receiving this latest security improvement. Both devices run EMUI 9.1 ( Android ), and not the desired EMUI 10 (Android 10).

June 2020 changelog:

Security: Integrates Android security patches released in June 2020 for greater system security.

June 2020 security details:

The June 2020 security update brings patches for Android from Huawei and Google, to fix different levels of exploits and problems on Huawei phones, which include 2 critical levels and 12 high CVEs. No medium and low CVE levels were found.


Honor Play receives the latest security improvements with EMUI 9.1 version and the size of 217 MB. On the other hand, the Honor 9N update features EMUI 9.1 version with a 197 MB package size.


  • The version of EMUI and the size of the update may vary.
  • The update is being released in batches, so it may take some time before it reaches your device.

How to update:

Via Settings:

  • Definitions
  • System updates
  • Software update
  • Check for updates
  • Download and Install

Via Support:

  • Support (HiCare)
  • services
  • Update
  • Check for updates
  • Download and Install

How to update a Huawei smartphone?

here are several ways, all valid in the case of the update: there will not always be a new version available for your smartphone, no matter if you use several methods, if not, there is not. Of course, it is convenient to meet them all, let’s get to it.

Wireless or Over The Air (OTA) updates

when we least expect it, a pending update appears in the notification area. Just press on this warning and follow the instructions for the smartphone to be updated quickly and safely. It is convenient, however, to download these new versions only when connected to WiFi networks: they are heavy, and will certainly consume your data package. In case you want to check if you have an update available, just do the following:

  • Go to your Huawei or Honor smartphone settings.
  •  « System «.
  • Go to ” Software update «.
  • The search for new software will be done automatically. If you want to do a manual search just click on the button ” Check for updates “.

Using your computer and HiSuite

Using your computer and HiSuite

In addition to receiving updates on the phone, they are also available with the software of Huawei computers: HiSuite. It is valid not only to search for new software versions but also to make backup copies or transfer images between the smartphone and the computer, for example. To update your Huawei or Honor with your computer, you must do the following:

  • Download the HiSuite software from this page. It is valid for Windows or Mac.
  • After having installed HiSuite on your computer, open the application, and connect your smartphone via USB with the screen unlocked.
  • You need to enable HDB for HiSuite: just look for HDB in the search box of your Huawei or Honor settings. In the additional settings, press the button « Allow HiSuite to use HDB «.
  • The software will be synchronized and will offer the option of copying contacts or making backup copies, among other options. they can also check for pending Android updates: just click on the bottom icon, ” Update “.
  • If HiSuite updates are available, they will be downloaded and installed on the phone.

Beta Software Update

Beta Software Update

An additional way to update a phone or a Huawei Honor is to use the official betas application. With it, they can access experimental and development updates, this is an aspect that you must take into account: maybe they have security or instability problems, that’s why they are not final versions!  Still, here’s how to update with the Huawei Beta app:

  • Install the Huawei Beta App on your smartphone. It is in Apk format, you must activate the installation from unknown sources.
  • Open the Beta application and log in With the Huawei account. This step is essential.
  • When you are in the application, arrive at the « Join the project » And check if there are new betas for your smartphone.
  • If you have a project available, you can participate: this way, you will receive the next update on your device.
  • Periodically check for new projects: as they are closed, beta spaces for users are limited and are usually filled quickly.

Manually install the update files

This is the last official way to install updates: manually installing the update file. It is dangerous because if you make a mistake and try to install a firmware different from the phone model, it can damage your smartphone forever. Even so, it is useful to know this method, as it is sometimes the only way to renew the smartphone’s firmware. And even do an Unbrick on the phone. They reiterate how delicate this operation is, they should only perform it and have the correct update file and are willing to take the risks. For this:

  • Unzip the file you downloaded: they must have an « update. app «.
  • Create a folder in the storage root of your Huawei Honor that is called « dload » (Without the quotes) and place the file « « inside.
  • Turn off the phone completely
  • Press the volume buttons (+ and -) and, with these pressed, press the power button until the phone vibrates.
  • When you feel the vibration, release the power button while pressing the volume buttons.
  • If the dload folder is well created and the is correct, the smartphone will begin to install the update file.
  • Keep in mind that the data stored on the phone is most likely to be completely erased.

What you should know before updating your Huawei Honor phone with Android

So far, we’ve seen the four official ways to update a Huawei or Honor smartphone with Android. They are organized in order of difficulty and also by the level of risk, although you should keep in mind some considerations before updating:

  • Make backup copies if the update fails.
  • Protect your data and more personal elements, such as photos and videos. Google Photos is a good way to stay safe.
  • The fact that a smartphone receives an update does not mean that they will receive a notification immediately: the new versions are distributed in stages. And they differ in date by elements such as the country of the operator that sold the phone.
  • Although we all want the phone to be updated, a phone will not stop working because it has not been updated to the latest version of Android. Smartphones over two years old do not usually receive new versions, it is a feature of the Android market that we must face as men and not mice.
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