[Guide] How to perform a reset without losing the jailbreak with SemiRestore | Mac – Windows

A few days ago was released a new tool called SemiRestore  that allows you to perform a recovery of our device without losing the jailbreak. Let’s see how it works step by step.



SemiRestore  is compatible with all devices and allows you to perform a restore of the firmware currently installed on your device. We want to remind you that the tool does not allow downgrading from a sign to another, but only allows you to perform a restore .

For example, if you have installed on your device iOS 6.1.3, you can only use this program to perform a restore to firmware 6.1.3.

Before using this program, you will want to remember several steps to follow:

  • Always make a backup of your device before you perform the restore so as to guarantee the saving of all settings;
  • Do not use xCode or iTunes while using SemiRestore;
  • The restore may cause problems or malfunctions of porting Siri;

SemiRestore, moreover, requires no  APTickets it certificates SHSH.


SemiRestore Folder Mac

  • Double-click the zip file you just downloaded and extract it in the same folder;

Extraction SemiRestore Mac

  • Click with the right button on the icon of Semi Restore and click “Open” on Mac or “Open as Administrator on Windows;


Attention : If you have installed Windows 8, and you have problems starting the application, you have to download  Visual C + + 2010 Redistributable  from Microsoft official website or you can try to start the program compatibility with “Windows XP”.


  • At this point, accepted the submission of the program and, if prompted, enter the password of the system;

System Password

  • Once the program has started, connect your device and click on the only button this “SemiRestore.”

Main screen SemiRestore

SemiRestore iPhone 4S


  • When the process is finished, the program will warn you that the device is restarting and will return to the configuration screen;

Term SemiRestore

The process is completed and you are able to perform a reset of your device without losing the jailbreak. Now you can replace the old backup of the device and continue to enjoy the world of iOS.