Google is constantly in the process of improving its software platform for smartwatches. In recent months, WearOS is updated quite significantly and often. Recently, however, users have noticed a mistake that makes one of the best features inoperable – the Google Maps application.

Google Maps stopped working on WearOS - photo 1


Indeed, the implementation of Google Maps on WearOS deserves special praise and I myself (the author of this news) regularly use this application on the clock (not on a smartphone). However, now on some models of smartwatches, when you start Google Maps, a blank white screen with a visible application interface is displayed instead of a map. A long wait or even a complete reboot of the device will not help. It seems that the problem occurs only in some models of watches, such as Tic Watch Pro, TicWatch S2, Fossil Q Explorist HR, Skagen Falster 2, as well as Tag Heuer and Misfit. As far as can be judged, the problem did not affect the rest of the watch models.

Google Maps stopped working on WearOS - photo 2

So far, there is no exact explanation for the problem, but users tried to solve it by clearing the application data, reinstalling it and even resetting the OS settings, but unfortunately, these extreme measures could not fix the error. Most likely, the problem is related to the latest update of Google Maps v10.13.3, because after rolling back to the previous version, most users solved the problem by itself. It is disappointing that Google has known about this problem since April 13, but so far the search giant has not only failed to correct the error but has not even commented on it.