traffic that is usually on a route from Google Maps

No one can deny that Google Maps is one of the best GPS navigators you can have. While it is true that there are very solvent alternatives to this service, the Mountain View-based giant has done an exquisite job.

Also, the big G is always improving some function of its GPS so that Google Maps works better than ever. Among the available options, we can establish a route in a very simple way, look for restaurants and gas stations near our location … And you can also know the state of traffic on a route that you establish.


In this way, you will be able to know approximately how long it will take to reach your destination. Of course, it must be made clear that this data is an estimated figure. The technology giant uses the average time it takes users to make the same route, or an approximate one, at the time you want to make the trip.

Steps to see the usual traffic on a Google Maps route

In this way, although the result that it gives you will be quite close to reality, we want to make it clear that it does not indicate the state of traffic in real-time. So it may be that on occasion the data reflected is not accurate.

Now that this section is clear, we leave you with the steps to follow in order to see the traffic that is usually on a route from Google Maps.

  • First, open Google Maps and enter a route in the search bar, or mark the point you want to go to.
  • Click on the “How to get there” button located at the bottom left.
  • Now, in the new menu that you will see, click on Settings (the three dots next to your location or the starting place of the route you have selected).
  • Within the available options, you will see that there is a call “Set departure or arrival time”.
  • You will see that a new menu opens, select the time that interests you, mark the option “Today” and click Set.
  • Finally, now Google Maps shows you the route with the approximate time it would take to make this journey.

As you can see, the process is really simple. So now you can know the real-time it could take to cover any route thanks to Google Maps.