While all apps try to take advantage of functions present in the Android operating system, such as opening a link in the browser or playing a video in the app you usually use, Google Chrome today added a new option that duplicates a pre-existing one, screenshots. Keep reading to find out all the news.

Google Chrome now highlights in the share menu of any web page that we visit the option to take a screenshot. Said Capture does not currently support capturing the full screen, that is, scrolling the web page. The only thing that is capable of sharing is what is being shown on our phones as if it were a traditional capture. On the contrary, this new function adds editing tools that may not be present in our version of Android, thus offering a more attractive tool for sharing content.

1623079748 575 Google Chrome adds screenshot and editing tools


To get to this function we just have to click on the three points located in the upper right corner of Chrome on Android, press “Share” and click on “Screenshot” which will appear in the lower-left corner.

Don’t expect too many features. At the moment we can only cut the image, write text and draw on it, three basic functions that can get us out of a hurry to point something out to someone, instead of directly sharing the link.

1623079748 985 Google Chrome adds screenshot and editing tools

Another advantage that we will find will be two buttons at the top of the screen with which to undo or redo our changes if we are not satisfied with them.