Game: Rush Day For Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Rush Day – this is another arcade game for smartphones Nokia, made ​​in the style runner with a third-person side. By and large, this is an analogue previously published games GoGo , with only a slight difference in the design of the game world. You will manage a painted fugitive who can not live without the extreme and without stopping is worn over the roof tops.

Okay, drop the lyrics and jokes. In fact, you have to help the protagonist escape from his pursuers, who will be glad to send it to the light at the first meeting. Fugitive will not only have a whitefish spans between high-rise buildings, but also to jump through armed paratroopers descend from a helicopter. In addition, the roofs will often see wooden boxes, which are much more treacherous than may seem at first.

Gameplay and  features :-

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On the one hand, they can jump on and on the way, as if nothing had happened, and on the other hand, the fugitive does not happen do not worry, if he runs into these boxes and then they fall apart, continues the hard way. Here, however, there are pitfalls. First, the boxes are often arranged so artfully that by jumping them, very often the main character goes straight to the span between the roofs of houses and, of course, is broken.

Secondly, as mentioned above, crashing into a box escapee continues running, but its speed is greatly reduced and this again creates difficulties overcome in the long distances between rooftops that is, he just did not doprygivaet And once again broken. What happens during a clash with armed warriors, to explain, probably do not need. Game control is carried out using conventional Taps on the screen, forcing the hero to jump at the right time.
Download rush-day.jar

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