Game: Moto X Mayhem for Nokia Symbian^3 Phones

Moto X Mayhem for Nokia N8 / C7 / C6-01 / E7 / E6 / X7
Moto X Mayhem for Nokia N8 / C7 / C6-01 / E7 / E6 / X7

Moto X Mayhem is a game of motocross for our Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7, Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 , which with the help of the accelerometer must complete each stage as quickly as possible and without falling or tipping with the bike.

The best game I’ve played lately is amazing how physics works, so when we go on the bike, as when our pilot falls and even can be seen in the cushions of the bike. We use accelerometer technology to balance the bike to climb and fly over huge jumps.

Tapping on the right side of the screen we can accelerate our device, on the left side will brake. By tilting the device sideways, get balance the bike. Very simple to play.

If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA or Canada, you can obtar to a prize of $ 500, if you play from the free version, or $ 5,000 if you do it from the paid version. Of course, only for those who get the highest scores. A sentence that is not in Spain, with the hours that I play, I could expect to earn something .

Moto X Mayhem is available free on the Ovi Store. We can also find the full version for only 1.06 euros, a gift!.