Game: Glow Puzzle Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Game: Glow Puzzle Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3
Glow Puzzle – great puzzle for Nokia

Glow Puzzle is a very entertaining puzzle game for smartphones Nokia, running the operating system Symbian 9.4 and Symbian ^ 3 (Anna, Belle), for which it is possible to spend a lot of free time, and in some cases, you can even forget about the time dedicated to something more important

The game has two modes: Classic and Time Challenge. At first your success will be measured not only by the number of errors, but also the time it will take to solve the problem, but you no one is going to rush, and you have the ability to think as much as you want. In the first mode, you will find exactly fifty levels, most of which would be much too tough. By the way, go to the next level without solving this, you do not come out, so that will have to think in the strong pace.

In the setting of the game can change the theme of the game with the blue to the red or green. Despite the fact that the game is built on java-platform, it is able to please the great graphics and good management responsiveness. We tested the game Glow Puzzle for Nokia N8 and Nokia X6 . To install and run the game requires an Internet connection. In the first case is to download the basic package, the second – advertising. Complaints to the game there.
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