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How to fix it Pokémon UNITE does not work

Pokémon UNITE does not work

Let’s put ourselves in the situation: you downloaded Pokémon UNITE to enjoy the most intense battles in the world, you installed it without any problem, but… when you wanted to open it, you noticed that something was wrong.

If the game does not load, crashes close itself, or presents any other error, we recommend not “losing your mind”, as they are errors that can appear on certain mobile devices.

Luckily, for you of course, here we are. For several hours we have been finding out why these errors appear in Pokémon UNITE, an investigation that has triggered a phrase that you will surely like to read: “solving the problems that appear in the game is possible”.

Pokémon UNITE does not work on Android, how to fix it?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the note, different problems make users unable to play Pokémon UNITE.

It is for this reason that we were forced to separate the solutions since it is necessary to explain each of the methods individually, why? So you can fix them quickly.

Pokémon UNITE does not load (stays at 50%)

stays at 50%

As usually happens in other Android games, there are times when the files installed on the mobile cannot be opened correctly (files necessary for the correct execution of the game).

The same is what happens in Pokémon UNITE, so the game cannot “decompress” the files necessary for the loading screen to reach 100%.

The solution so that this problem does not continue to appear on Android is very simple, don’t you believe us? Look with your own eyes:

  • Uninstall the game completely
  • Restart your mobile twice in a row: it is vitally important that you restart your phone regularly to avoid problems of this type.
  • Download Pokémon UNITE from the Google Play Store: if you downloaded the APK, you will have to remove it from your phone and download the official version.

When you have finished performing all those steps that we leave you above, you will have to reopen the game and check if the problem continues to appear.

Pokémon UNITE game does not download updated data

Pokémon UNITE game does not download update data

If when you open the game you see that it gets stuck on the “Downloading update data” screen, don’t despair, this problem can be solved simply and quickly.

The reason why you are experiencing this incident is related to the free space you have on your Android mobile. Pokémon UNITE needs at least 300 MB of free space in the internal storage of the terminal (not counting the weight of the game when downloading it).

When you don’t have that free space, the game gets stuck on that screen. So that this does not continue to happen to you, you will have to carry out the following tips:

  • Use an application to free up space on your Android mobile:
  • Download Google Files and use the option that saves many GB on Android.
  • Clear the cache of the applications you have installed on your mobile.

When you have applied all these tips that we leave you above, the problem should disappear instantly. If it continues to say “present” on your mobile, you will have to delete some heavy apps to free up even more space.

I can’t create an account on Pokémon UNITE

can't create an account on Pokémon UNITE

As it is a game in which it is mandatory to create an account to play, not being able to register is undoubtedly a headache.

If you are experiencing this problem, it is important to clarify that your mobile phone or Internet connection is not the culprit, as this specific error is related to the game servers.

Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is to waitwhat do I have to wait for? Well, for Nintendo to solve any kind of problem that is related to the servers of the one using the video game.

From now on, we recommend you follow the official Pokémon UNITE account on Twitter, where they usually communicate quickly when the servers are under maintenance. If the servers are operational again, you will be able to find out from that account (this will save you from having to open the game over and over again).

Pokémon UNITE closes only on Android

The game is unresponsive and closes on its own? Do not look for magic solutions elsewhere, there is only one method that will allow you to play correctly and without unexpected closings .

The solution in question is to clear the cache of Pokémon UNITEhow? As follows:

  • Enter the settings of your Android mobile device (this option may appear with the name of “Configuration” ).
  • Click on the option that says “Applications and notifications”.
  • Open the Pokémon UNITE app.
  • Hit the button that says “Force stop”.
  • Confirm the stop by clicking on “Accept”.
  • Enter the section that says “Storage and cache.”
  • Click on “Clear cache.”
  • Once the cache memory of the game has been eliminated, you must click on “Free up storage space”.
  • Click on “Accept” to confirm the action.
  • And finally, restart your mobile device .

It is important to clarify that these steps will erase all the information that the game has stored on your mobile, what does this mean? You will have to log in with your account again to recover it.

Of course, do not worry about that deleted information, because your progress, Pokémon, and other elements that you have obtained within the game, are saved on the Nintendo servers (you will recover them when you log in with your account).

Are you experiencing another problem when playing the game?

If we have not addressed the problem you are having, we recommend that you perform all the solutions in the same way. The game can have errors of various kinds, and in most cases, the solutions to these errors are similar to those mentioned above.

With nothing more to add on the subject, you are more than invited to leave us a message so that other players know your opinion about Pokémon UNITE.

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