Farlight 84 is the new trendy shooting game on mobile phones. The weapons in the game have peculiar names like “White Dwarf” and “Crazy Mouse”. Take a look at the best weapons to stand out in the game. Bluntly, here are the best weapons in the game in the following tier list:

The bestJupiter-6, Generator, Bar-95
very goodAK77, M4, UMP99
usableUZI, Crazy Mouse, Crazy Rabbit, White Dwarf, Astral Wind, Hedgehog
They only serve at the beginningFanatic, Hunting Dog, Defender, MF18
Bad Later, They Only Serve in Some Situationsinvader, VSS



It is not enough to get accessories, it is necessary to survive on the battlefield, eliminate enemies and collect loot so that your character levels up and thus increase the damage level of your weapons. With this, the colour of the weapon changes from white to green, purple and gold.

The best Farlight 84 weapons in each category

The weapons that you find on the ground in Farlight 84 are very similar to each other. They all have very similar damage and stats, only changing when it comes to an SMG, Rifle, Sniper, or Shotgun. What is the best in each category?

Best Farlight 84 Rifle: Jupiter 6

Best Farlight 84 Rifle: Jupiter 6
The Jupiter 6 seems to have gotten a bit of a boost and is very strong this season.

Despite having a lower damage rate than the AK77 and M4, the Generator stands out for its stability. The Jupiter 6 is the best multi-purpose rifle in the game. It looks like an SMG, small and with almost no recoil. It wasn’t supposed to be as good at long range, but in the last update they improved the spread of the bullets, it’s even better than the Generator

in long-distance shots. In short, a rifle that is good both up close and at a distance, and with accessories becomes even better. An unbeatable weapon.

Best Farlight 84 SMG: UMP-99
The UMP99 is a good SMG to use alongside the Jupiter 6.

The famous UMP is the best SMG (submachine gun) in the game, even better than the UZI and the White Dwarf.

Best Sniper Rifle in Farlight 84: Bar-95
Bar95 is some kind of joke with Kar98?

The famous “one shot, one kill” (before the update, but still going strong). This weapon evolves very well and is worth having until late game as long as your team is with you, as in Farlight 84 using both weapons is essential to taking out enemies.

Bad weapons, stay away:

Shotguns are pretty bad in Farlight 84, even at the start of the game they don’t take out enemies immediately with a single shot. The VSS can be good in some situations as it comes with a scope, but the only 10-shot magazine makes it very difficult to use in late-game.

Air Drop weapons are very good
AirDrop weapons are great for “chaos” at the end of the game.

The best weapons in Farlight 84 will always be those of the AirDrop, those that fall from the sky through a “refrigerator” in an airship.

Few talk about them

but these weapons are very powerful since they can be equipped as a third weapon.

The best weapons of the AirDrop are:

  • Rhino – Missile Launcher
  • MG-7 – Machine gun.

Both are very good for late games and do a lot of damage. The Rhino creates that chaos late in the game when teams are usually together.

The submachine gun is perfect for finishing off a team at the end of the game, as in addition to having a lot of bullets, it can be used in sequence with other weapons without the need to reload.


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