Tips for Farlight 84 – (shields, leveling up characters, weapons)

Farlight 84 has become a download sensation. However, when joining an online game, you will realize that most people have no idea how the game works.

In this article, we’ll teach you the basics of Farlight 84, that it’s not just about “grab a gun and shoot”. You will learn how to:

  • evolve shields
  • evolve weapons
  • Get movement upgrades

Evolve Shields:

evolve shields
Shield points are scattered around the stage and are displayed on the map, indicating their importance.

In Farlight 84, there are no vests or metal plates to attach to the chest. Characters use shields that need to be upgraded to offer greater resistance to damage.

When you drop onto the battlefield, in addition to picking up a weapon, you should pay attention to the shields scattered around the stage.

You must collect them until you complete the amount necessary to improve them. Alternatively, you can find a full shield already upgraded, but it can be harder to find.

Tips for Farlight 84 – (shields, leveling up characters, weapons)
Collect the “DEF” icons until the shield bar is filled to improve it.

Once the bar is full, a button will appear that will allow you to upgrade the shield.

If you don’t upgrade your shield, you will be easily shot down by enemies. Remember that weapons can also be improved.

How to improve weapons and characters during the game

In Farlight 84, all weapons are basically the same starting level, are quite weak at first, and need to be upgraded throughout the game.

Tips for Farlight 84 – (shields, leveling up characters, weapons)
As you survive and play, you get bonuses that improve weapons. Yes, Farlight 84 favours good players.

There are two ways to upgrade weapons: by adding some accessories (grips, scopes, magazines, etc.), which the game does automatically, and by getting the “survival bonus”.

As you eliminate enemies and survive in the combat arena, your character gains Survival Bonus. You can see it in the mark on the image below. As it evolves, the attack bonus for weapons increases from 0% to 40%.

The survival bonus is your level in the game and can go from 0 to 10.

Note: Backpacks are also automatically upgraded as your level on the battlefield increases.

Some characters have more defence than others

Did you take a lethal blow and die? Some characters not only improve their attack during the game but also their defence.

For example, the character Patosyde is almost unbearable due to his great defence and can also activate a shield.

Tips for Farlight 84 – (shields, leveling up characters, weapons)

You can check the evolution of the characters as they level up during the game in the “Heroes” menu.

movement improvements
Collect movement upgrades to be able to use more of the jetpack.

During the match, you can also pick up movement upgrades. They are small disc-shaped objects that allow you to improve the movement of the jetpack.

This way, you can jump higher or use the jetpack to escape getting knocked out multiple times. There are also improvements that reduce the jetpack charge time.

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