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Download PhoenixSuit: To flash or install stock firmware (img) on smartphones and tablets powered by Allwinner CPUs, you can use PhoenixSuit, a tiny Windows application. We’ve posted the most recent update to the PhoenixSuit tool, as well as older versions, on this page.

PhoenixSuit is a portable Android management tool that can update a device’s firmware. The program has the ability to update firmware using images, install APK files, and change various parameters.


PhoenixSuit also includes backup tools that let you back up a phone, restore an earlier PhoenixSuit-created image, and restart a device from the PC. PhoenixSuit is a dependable tool that is simple to use, but it should only be used with caution as any mistakes could result in a bricked device. The use of this application requires devices with Allwinner chips. PhoenixSuit can install APK files and update phone firmware.

Attributes of the PhoenixSuit

Flash Stock Firmware:

PhoenixSuit’s characteristics On any device with an Allwinner CPU, you can flash or install stock firmware using it. Download your device’s stock firmware (img), load it in PhoenixSuit, and then click the Upgrade button to start flashing or installing it.

Flash Recovery Image:

On Allwinner devices, you can use it to flash or install a recovery image. You can choose to flash the entire firmware or just a portion of it after loading the Stock Firmware in the Phoenix Suit; choose recovery and click on upgrade to start flashing.

Flash Boot Image:

On your Allwinner devices, you can use it to flash or install the boot image. When you load the Phoenix Suit’s stock firmware, a question about which firmware section you want to install will appear; Choose Boot, then press the upgrade button to start flashing.

Backup, Restore, and Install Applications:

You can back up and restore the currently installed applications on Allwinner devices. When Phoenix Suit is open, connect the device to the computer, click the APK tab, then choose the Backup or Restore option.

Download PhoenixSuit Tool

PhoenixSuit works with all Windows OS versions, from Windows XP to Windows 11. (x32 or x64 bit). Use the links below to download the most recent version of the tool if that’s what you were looking for:

v1.04Phoenix Suit

v1.05Phoenix Suit

v1.06Phoenix Suit

v1.07Phoenix Suit

v1.08Phoenix Suit

v1.09Phoenix Suit

v1.10Phoenix Suit – Latest


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