These instructions explain how to flash or install.img firmware (ROM) on devices running the Allwinner Chipset using the PhoenixSuit Tool.

Avoid using the PhoenixSuit to flash or install firmware (ROM) if you value your data. For this reason, before utilizing the application, it is strongly suggested that you create a backup copy of your data.

Install .img Firmware (ROM) using the PhoenixSuit

You need to get Phoenix Suit onto your computer. PhoenixSuit requires the use of Android USB drivers, which will be prompted during setup (Simply Click on install anyway to continue).

Install .img Firmware (ROM)


Get Your Device’s Original (Stock) Firmware (.img File) Here (if in case you have already downloaded the Stock Firmware, then SKIP this Step, or else you can find the .img based Stock Firmware on FirmwareFile or through Google).

Launch/Open PhoenixSuit Application from the Start Menu or Directly from C:\Program Files (x86)\AllWinnertech\PhoenixSuit.

Launch/Open PhoenixSuit Application

PhoenixSuit’s Firmware Menu can be accessed from the application’s main menu.

PhoenixSuit's Firmware Menu

Select the (.img) firmware file you downloaded in Step 2 from your computer by clicking the Image Button in the Firmware menu.

Select the (.img) firmware

phoenixsuit img firmware

Power off your Android Device.

While holding down the volume up or down button, plug your Android device into your computer via the USB cable.

Now, without letting go of any of the keys, press the power button 5–10 times to get your device recognized by the Phoenix Suit.

When Phoenix Suit recognizes a device, it will prompt you to enter its mandatory Format. Just select “Yes” to continue.

mandatory Format

The installation/flashing procedure will be initiated by Phoenix Suit.

flashing procedure

Once the Flashing/Installation process is completed, you will be able to see Upgrade Firmware Succeed Message on the computer Screen. Click on OK to end the Flashing.

As soon as you have finished using PhoenixSuit, disconnect your Android device from the computer.

Congratulations, the stock firmware you downloaded for your Android device is now successfully running on it.


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