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Download Live Suit (Latest Versions)

Live Suit

Download Live Suit (Latest Versions)

Live Suit Flash Stock Firmware:

It gives you the ability to flash the factory firmware on any device that uses an Allwinner chip. To begin flashing, you simply need to load the image firmware into the Live Suit and then click on the System Upgrade button. This is a convenient and easy tool to flash the firmware on Allwinner Chipset devices, as it only requires the user to follow a few simple steps


Upgrade Wizard:

These instructions are designed to be easy to understand and follow so that even if you have limited technical experience, you should be able to complete the process with ease. For example, the Live Suit app will prompt you to enter the upgrade guide upon launch and will begin walking you through the process of updating the firmware if you say “Yes.”

For Windows:






For Linux:

v3.05 (32 Bit)LiveSuit_v3.05_for_Linux_32Bit.zip

v3.05 (64 Bit)LiveSuit_v3.05_for_Linux_64Bit.zip

For MacLiveSuit_for_Mac.zip

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