Download Live Suit (Latest Versions)

Download Live Suit (Latest Versions)

Download Live Suit (Latest Versions)

Features of LiveSuit

Flash Stock Firmware:

It allows you to flash the stock firmware on any Allwinner Chipset devices. Simply, load the img firmware in the Live Suit and click on the System Upgrade to begin flashing.

Upgrade Wizard:

Livesuit also, provide step-by-step instructions, so that you can easily load the firmware on your device. Like, Once you load the Live Suit application, it will ask whether to enter upgrade guide or not, and if you select Yes, it will start guiding the steps to load the firmware.

Download LiveSuit Tool for Windows

Live Suit V1.05 for Windows

Live Suit V1.06 for Windows

Live Suit V1.07 for Windows

Live Suit V1.09 for Windows

Live Suit V1.11 for Windows

Download LiveSuit Tool for Linux

Live Suit V3.05 for Linux 32Bit

Live Suit V3.05 for Linux 64Bit

Download LiveSuit Tool for Mac

Live Suit for Mac

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