Camera Ace: Manage, edit and share your photos on Android


As you know, mobile photo apps are a dime a dozen, some very good and some not so, some intended only to apply filters and other to be able to change almost every parameter of the photo, etc.. There are also others that allow us to organize our photos in folders, or create albums rather curious.

But, what if we can do it all from a single application, but also has some interesting additions?That’s what gives us Camera Ace, more than a simple photo application.

Camera Ace, organize, edit and share

With Camera Ace can not only take pictures and apply filters, but it is an application that goes a little further. What allows us, among other things, is to create different albums for as we taking pictures, it will automatically classifying . This means that when wanting to take a picture suffice open the application and select the album to which you belong that photo (or photos). Simple as that.

As mentioned, we also apply filters, frames, crop the photo, rotate or share. By applying the filterscan save a copy or overwrite the original photo , but the most interesting part of this app coming now.


When creating an album, we can automate certain things, including to apply filters automatically .So, if we create an album called, for example,  simply select the album settings to take a picture that you apply a certain filter or frame, as we turn to know the location where this photo was taken. We can also embed the date on the photo or choose the color that you will have the album, for example.

This added the sea seems interesting, with the system of albums that I find more successful than other apps to manage your photos, and we can get at the time the photo where it belongs without having to reorganize then . Obviously we take pictures all on the album overall and organize them later, or organize if we are the ones we have in our phone.

And with Camera Ace can create collages with your photos using various “patterns” according to the photos you want to use, or create a slide show with photos of a particular album, we can choose from the options of the album, what which makes it a very complete. And if you have to add a catch is that, at the time of adding the filters, the first seen that charging takes more than in other applications , but once we tried it, is instantaneous.

Oh, I forgot, you can “draw” or write on photos and share them with the application to the win, with just a few clicks, as is customary on Android. Here a video of how it works.


If you draw many pictures and I like to have them well-ordered, you can not miss trying Camera Ace. Sure you love.