How To Bulk Delete Old Tweets Step By Step

Bulk Delete Old Tweets

The feeling of wanting to delete mass old posts for free is quite common, especially among people who started social media at a young age. Everyone has posts that they are not very proud of or embarrassed about, however, having to locate post by post in order to delete them is quite a tedious process.

Fortunately, in the case of Twitter, there are different tools that can help you eliminate your dark past. You will not have to search tweet by tweet, so it is a fairly quick and simple process.

First Make a Backup Of Your Tweets

Backup Of Your Tweets

Clearly, when you delete your tweets they will disappear forever and there will be no way to recover them, but something you can do to prevent them from disappearing completely is to request a backup, this way you will have a copy of all your tweets.

  • Enter your Twitter profile.
  • In the menu on the left of the screen, select the 3 dots.
  • Then press Settings and support and select Settings and privacy.
  • Now, enter the section Your account.
  • Once there, press the option Download a file with your data. You will need to enter your password or you will be asked to enter a verification code.
  • Select Request file.
  • You will receive an in-app notification when your data is ready to download. Data can take up to 24+ hours to be available.

Website to Bulk Delete Old Tweets

There are many apps that give you the option of deleting multiple tweets at once, so you don’t have to worry about deleting tweet by tweet. Now, the drawback with these types of tools is that they may not be completely reliable and, in general, the best ones tend to be paid.

On the other hand, all the tools can delete only 3200 tweets at a time. This is a limitation that comes from Twitter itself and has nothing to do with the tool you use. Once these points have been clarified, these are the tools:

Is Tweet Delete Website Safe?

Tweet delete websites are becoming increasingly popular as a way to manage and protect one’s online presence. While these sites can be incredibly useful for removing old posts that may no longer reflect well on the user, there is still some debate about whether or not they are safe to use. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument in order to determine if tweet-delete websites really are safe.

On one hand, using a tweet delete website can be beneficial because it allows users to quickly and easily remove unwanted content from their social media accounts without having to go through each post manually. Additionally, many of these sites offer additional features such as flagging potentially harmful content or providing detailed analytics about your usage patterns so you can better understand how people interact with your posts and make informed decisions going forward. However, there is also an element of risk associated with using such services since they require access credentials which could potentially lead malicious actors to gain access if security measures aren’t properly implemented by the service provider themselves.

Ultimately, while tweet-delete websites do come with some risks, they can still be used safely when done correctly . It is important for users who decide to utilize them to take precautions like only giving out necessary information when signing up for an account, making sure all passwords used remain secure at all times and regularly monitoring activity on their accounts in order to ensure everything remains secure. By following these steps along with any others recommended by service providers themselves then users should have no trouble staying safe while utilizing Tweet Delete services.

So if you decided to use these sites then check the theme below:


This is a free tool and very easy to use. TweetDelete allows you to delete tweets taking into account their age or some keyword or phrase. The disadvantage of this application is that it is in English and if you want to delete more than 3,200 tweets, you must have a premium account.

Delete your tweets with TweetDelete | Link

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Steps to use TweetDelete


Delete your tweets with TweetDelete by following these steps:

  • Go to the TweetDelete website.
  • Enter your username and password to log in to your Twitter account. By doing this, the web will have access to your profile and your data.
  • In the Age of tweets to delete box, select the age of the tweets you want to delete.
  • In the Only tweets containing this word/phrase box, you can write a phrase or word that contains the tweets you want to delete. If you don’t want to delete your tweets based on a word or phrase, leave this box blank.
  • The last box, Run this task, is to indicate if you want to delete them only once or if you want your tweets to be deleted on a regular basis.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions and press Delete my tweets.


Although this is an application designed to boost your Twitter account, among the different marketing tools it offers, there is the option to delete tweets in bulk.

Like the other tools, with CircleBoom you can delete your tweets by taking into account a specific date or a keyword. Additionally, this tool also allows you to delete your retweets and your Twitter likes.

CircleBoom has a free version and a premium version that you can access with a payment of approximately 17 euros per month. In the free version, you can only delete tweets by searching for them by keyword and selecting them one by one. On the other hand, you will also be limited to only being able to delete 50 tweets.

Delete your tweets with CircleBoom | Link

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Steps to use CircleBoom


Follow these steps to delete your tweets using CircleBoom:

  • Go to the website and enter your email and the other information requested.
  • Upon entering, you will find a menu on the left of the screen. Select the My Tweets option and then press Delete Tweets.
  • Once there, you will see a search engine where you can write the keywords and dates with which you can filter your tweets. By typing the word or date, the page will return the results.
  • You can delete filtered tweets individually or in bulk with the Delete all Tweets option. You can also use the Delete Twitter Archive option to delete all tweets from your account in groups of 3200 tweets.

Remember that in case you are not willing to pay for the service, you will only be able to delete a maximum of 50 tweets using the keyword filter and you will not have access to bulk deletion tools.


TweetDeleter is considered one of the best options when it comes to wanting to delete your old tweets en masse and media such as Forbes or Wired confirm this.

This website is one of the few that you can find entirely in Spanish and that offers you functions such as a powerful search tool with the ability to locate both your tweets and your likes, the ability to locate tweets by time, date, keyword, mentions, and even multimedia content. Additionally, it allows you to filter content that is not of interest to you in your own Twitter feed and activate the automatic deletion of old tweets.

Definitely, all these functions are what make this tool the best alternative, however, to have access to many of these functions it is necessary to have the premium version, where the basic plan costs approximately 4 euros per month. If you are not interested in paying for these services, then you can only delete up to 5 tweets per month and perform 5 keyword searches.

Delete your tweets with TweetDeleter | Link

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Steps to use TweetDeleter

  • Go to the TweetDeleter website and log into your Twitter account.
  • Press the option Authorize the application to be able to use the tool.
  • You will have to wait a few seconds for TweetDeleter to load all your tweets.
  • Once it has loaded, at the top you can change the language to Spanish.
  • On the main page, you will be able to see all the options to filter your tweets, among which are: keywords, time, type of tweet, day of the week, and many more.
  • To view the search results, press the button with the magnifying glass icon.
  • Now only the tweets corresponding to the filters you have activated should appear.
  • You can delete them individually by selecting them one by one or selecting them all at once.
  • When you select the tweets you want to delete, the Delete option will appear at the bottom of the screenSelect it to remove those tweets from your Twitter profile.

Revoke third-party app access to your Twitter account

Revoke third-party app access to your Twitter account

After making use of these tools, it is very important that you revoke the access of any application to that you have given permission to access your Twitter. Allowing third-party applications access to your data poses a risk to your privacy. That is why, once you have finished using the tool, recover access as soon as possible. This is what you should do:

  • Enter your Twitter profile.
  • In the menu on the left of the screen, select the 3 dots.
  • Then press Settings and support and select Settings and privacy.
  • Go to the Security and account access section and press Applications and sessions.
  • Tap Connected Apps.
  • Select the apps you gave them access to and select Revoke app permission.

Don’t want to give access to any third-party apps? Use advanced search to delete your tweets

Advanced search is not a third-party tool, rather it is a function that the same Twitter platform has. This option might not be the fastest to get the job done, but it is considered one of the best alternatives as it is more secure.

Through the advanced search, you will be able to locate your tweets depending on the date, a specific word, or a specific mention. The negative point is that you will have to delete tweet by tweet manually, therefore it will take more time compared to other tools on the list.

Steps to use the advanced search

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