Now Twitter Will Allow You To Select Who Can Reply To Your Tweets

who can reply to your tweets

Have you ever wondered how to prevent some people from replying to your tweets without your profile being private? Or how to avoid those annoying responses without blocking other users? Twitter is testing a feature that lets you select who can reply to your posts.

To configure the responses that your tweets may have, you must click on this new option, which will be displayed when you tweet as: “the people you follow can respond”. Keep in mind that this line of words that you will find will change according to the option selected by default, so it will not always be called the same.

How to customize who responds to your tweets on Twitter?

This tool controls the responses according to the selection you make of any of the following options.

  • Everyone: Anyone can reply to your tweets.
  • People you follow: Only those you follow can reply to your post.
  • Only the people you mention: in this case, others can answer you only if you include their username in the text of the tweet, or in their responses.

In the latter case, you should keep in mind that those you mention may also include other users in the conversation if they mention them.

customize who responds to your tweets

Still can’t select which users can reply to your posts?

Do not panic! At the moment this new function is in the trial period and not all people have answer personalization active.

We do not know when the beta phase of the control of responses to tweets will end, but this function may be available soon for all users of this social network.


For many, this new platform update is necessary because it allows them to protect themselves from harmful comments in their publications, but for others, this new tool is terrible because it represents an infringement of freedom of expression. Some claim that this will allow users to issue opinions harmful to certain social groups without these people being able to defend themselves directly in the same responses from the publications.

What do you think about these changes in the handling of who can reply to your tweets? If you want to know more about the personalization of this social network, we recommend you see the latest changes in the verification of profiles and the creation of personalized lists on Twitter.

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