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Best app to use on the IWO smartwatch

Best app to use on the IWO

If you’re having trouble connecting, pairing, or syncing your IWO smartwatch with your mobile phone, you may not be using the correct app. This happens because some apps may be outdated causing problems in the finished function.

With that in mind, we have on this page all the applications currently compatible with IWO smartwatches. Check out the models you can find the right app to install on your phone for both Android and iOS devices:

  • IWO 8, IWO 9, IWO 12, IWO 12s, IWO 13, IWO W26, IWO W37 / W37 Pro, IWO W46, IWO W56, IWO W66, IWO FK88, IWO W506 and others.

Apps for connecting the IWO smartwatch with the phone

The IWO smartwatches use by default the Fundo Pro and Fundo Wear apps, they are available for free from the Play Store and App Store for iOS and Android platforms. But, with the constant release of new Chinese models, sometimes apps end up being incompatible with some watch functions.

So if you downloaded the default app via the QR Code and it didn’t work properly or is incompatible with your watch, please try one of the apps below.

1 – Application for the IWO FK78 and FK88

Application for the IWO FK78 and FK88

The FitFly is a Chinese application fitness designed for use mainly be used on iOS devices. Alternatively, it can also be installed on the IWO FK88 to get records of your physical activities. It supports various exercises. Runningcycling and walking are some of them. 

The data from these activities creates a graph of multidimensional assessments of your physical condition. After pairing the watch via FitFly, all data relating to your health, such as steps, sleep, and heart rate, will be recorded in the app daily.

The requirements for installing FitFly are; iOS 10.0 or later, and supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. On devices running the robot platform, it requires Android 5.0 or higher. He doesn’t have a good rating in stores. But you can try it out to make your own assessment.

Download to your device: Android | iOS

2 – Application for IWO W46 and W66

Application for IWO W46 and W66

Compatible with IWO smartwatches, FitCloudPro has all sports functions. It counts steps, calories, distance covered, and has sleep monitoring. It also measures heart rate and blood oxygen. It has alerts for incoming calls, messages and you configure the app to receive notifications from the main apps of your social networks.

You can schedule the time for it to wake you up using your smart alarm clock settings. Not to forget the smartwatch somewhere, FitCloudPro has the anti-loss reminder feature. In addition to the Raise your wrist function, the features of Idle Alert and Camera Remote Control are also unnecessary in the app.

Download to your device: Android | iOS

3 – Application for the IWO W46

Application for the IWO W46

With more than one million installations, Fundo Wear is the current competitor of Fundo Pro with the same number of installations. Both applications were developed by the Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology company. Fundo Wear is the most used fitness manager in IWO smartwatches.

It uses the phone’s Bluetooth 5.0 connection to pair with the watch. It has features to make voice calls and receive and send text messages.

Synchronization for messages sent by contacts registered on the phone. Its integration with other apps ensures that the watch receives real-time notifications, but only after it has been authorized in the app. Phone battery status that can be viewed on its interface. 

It records sleep, heart rate, activities, and more. It also has anti-loss function activation to find your IWO smartwatch and the SOS button which can be pre-configured. It has multilingual language support and requires Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7.0 or later.

Download to your device: Android | iOS

4 – Application for IWO 8, 8 Lite, 12, 12 Pro and W26

Application for IWO 8, 8 Lite, 12, 12 Pro and W26

Not as highly rated as its successor above, the Pro Fund counts the same amount of installation as the Wear Fund. Without a doubt, these two apps are the most used on IWO watches. Once you set up the Fundo Pro on your phone and link it with your IWO smartwatch, several features will become available.

Data relating to the stages of your sleep, verification of cardiovascular frequency and others, will be registered in specific tabs of the application. It currently has 7 sports modes with daily and monthly summary histories for you to analyze your stats.

It is possible to receive SMS messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram notifications directly on the watch screen. But these features will only be activated after the permissions for the application to manage are granted. Fundo Pro requires Android 4.3 or later and iOS 9.0 or later for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download to your device: Android iOS

5 – Application for the IWO W56, W26 and W506

Application for the IWO W56, W26 and W506

The M Active records the number of steps daily exercises, calculates the daily calorie consumption and distance traveled. Monitors sleep daily, informing the period when sleep was deepest, moderate or light. Tracking daily, weekly, monthly, and all historical data summary statistics. It is supported for Android 4.0 or later and iOS 10.0 or later devices.

It supports multiple languages: English, Arabic, Armenian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese. Select the link for your device’s platform.

Download to your device: Android iOS

6 – Application for IWO 9

Application for IWO 9

The Lefun Wear app has message reminders, app notifications, SMS, etc. Physical activity, sleep monitoring, and other data are transferred immediately from the watch to the app. The other features also found in the app are; step count, calorie meter, mileage traveled, heart rate, blood pressure, among others.

To install the application, it must be running Android 4.3 or higher. For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, iOS 10.0 or later is required.

Download to your device: Android | iOS

7 – Application for IWO Max

Application for IWO Max

The HiWatch has been developed exclusively for use in smartwatches with connectivity via Bluetooth. With very basic features, HiWatch can manage the following watch functions; take photos remotely, view messages sent to your cell phone, measure steps, check heart rate and make calls. As the developer says, this is a very handy app.

Please check your smartphone compatibility before downloading: For Android devices, it is necessary to be running from version 4.4 or higher and for iOS, the version is 8.0 or later for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download to your device: Android | iOS

8 – Application for IWO Max 2.0

Application for IWO Max 2.0

The Fit Pro was developed exclusively for receiving data smartwatches. It supports Bluetooth connections from version 4.0. With the data sent by the watch, the Fit Pro is capable of recording sleep quality monitoring, blood pressure measurement, step counting, among others.

It has a sedentary lifestyle reminder, which alerts the user when he remains seated or immobile for a certain period. It also monitors your workouts, walking, cycling, running, etc. Uses the cell phone’s GPS (in the background) to calculate the distance and send the location. Fit Pro is supported for smartphones Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher.

Download to your device: Android | iOS

9 – Application for IWO W37 and W37 Pro

Application for IWO W37 and W37 Pro

The Wearfit Pro is the application IWO W37 and W37 Pro . It receives the health information every hour by the smartwatch captured through its sensor. In addition to collecting this information, it has several watch faces (some are paid) that can be customized and applied to the smartwatch. Users can view the weather forecast and track workouts to assess information such as calorie expenditure, etc.

The app quickly syncs clock data with the phone right after pairing. Access the links below to install Wearfit Pro from the Play Store or App Store store.

Download to your device: Android iOS

Other applications compatible with IWO smartwatches

In addition to the standard app recommended by each watch manufacturer, there are others that are also compatible with some models in the IWO line. For this reason, we will be updating the list below whenever there is a release.

  • IWO W26 – App RDFit –> ( Android iOS ).
  • IWO W26 – FunWear App –> ( Android iOS ).
  • IWO 2021 – App HryFine –> ( Android / iOS ).

Note: Before using another app to manage your IWO smartwatch, please do the following, go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select the watch, and tap “forget/disconnect. This will remove pairing with the app preventing conflict between devices.

Some issues reported with the IWO W26 and IWO 12 Max app:

Many complaints are found on the networks by users who would purchase IWO W26 smartwatches . People say they are having trouble connecting or pairing the watch with the phone. Report that the default app used for device support does not work well with the latest models. The main problem is with the instability of the connection.

Many noticed that the connection between devices is dropping all the time, especially on iPhones. To top it off, mobile notifications aren’t sent correctly to the watch. As long as the app is not fixed, we will pass the links to other apps so that you can test it on your IWO 12 Max smartwatch or other series.

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