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How to Pair Mi Watch Lite with mobile phone

Pair Mi Watch Lite with mobile phone

See in this tutorial how to configure Mi Watch Lite on your cell phone. Learn how to enable app notifications and how to receive phone calls on your watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is an excellent smartwatch for everyday use and also for sports practice. It has GPS and is also water-resistant. The smartwatch has many, answers and rejects phone calls with a simple touch and much more. But for this to be possible, you need to connect it to your smartphone. See all steps below.

Step 1: Pairing Mi Watch Lite with mobile phone

1. Turn on the Mi Watch Lite smartwatch by pressing the Power/Off button (left side button) for a few seconds. To download the Xiaomi Wear app, scan the QR Code displayed on the watch screen with your mobile phone. If desired, download directly from the Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iOS devices.

2. After installation, open the application on your mobile phone, log in to your account or create one by selecting the option “ Create account ”. Once logged in, tap the “ Profile ” tab and then “ Add device ”. On the following screen, tap the figure corresponding to the watch model.

Add device
Note: if Mi Watch Lite does not appear in the section to add it, go to Settings and change the region to Portugal or another country in Europe.

3. Tap the “ Accept ” or “ Allow ” button to start pairing with the cell phone. Then tap “ Agree ” on the clock screen and then “ Done ” on the app.

There, your Xiaomi smartwatch is already connected to your phone. You may need to install new updates. If you prefer to download manually, go to the “ Additional settings ” tab and select “ Check for updates ”.

Mi Watch did not sync correctly with your phone? Do a factory reset and then follow the steps again.

Step 2: Enabling app notifications

Depending on your daily activities, you can activate in Xiaomi Wear app the feature to receive notifications from apps directly on the watch screen, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others. To do this, follow the instructions below:

1. From the profile tab, tap the “ App notifications ” tab. In option 1 on the next screen, tap “ Go to Settings ”. Tap the side switch to enable the “ Xiaomi Wear ” app and click “ Allow ”.

2. Return to the previous screen and tap “ Go to Settings ” located below option 3 where it asks to activate the apps that will be able to send notifications to the watch. Here, activate the switch of the “ App notifications ” option. Then activate the side switch of the apps you want. Tap “ Allow ” for the action to take effect.

Also activate the “ Show on Lock Screen ” option, if you want to receive notifications even when the device screen is locked.

Step 3: Enabling Call Notifications

By activating this option, you will be giving the application permission to access your phone’s contact list and also some functions. In other words, it will be possible to answer or reject a phone call and know who the contact is calling from the screen of Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. See what you need to do to make this work:

Still, on the application’s profile tab, tap on “ Incoming calls ”. On the screen with the same name, activate the key for the 2 options and tap “ Allow ” for all requests that open

After making these changes, every time someone calls your cell phone, Answer/End appears every time someone in the contact list calls you, information such as their name will be displayed. Cool huh? And all this without having to touch the phone.

Step 4: Selecting, downloading, or changing a watch face

The starting screen of Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite has 5 native dials that are sorted by categories and each with its theme. They can be numeric, simple, modular, tracks, and activities. But you can download other watch faces through the Xiaomi Wear app. There are several categories with a huge variety of themes for you to change the look of the watch whenever you want.

1. On the profile tab, tap the arrow of the “ Watch face ” option, the watch face currently being used by the watch is displayed on the side. You will see the 5 native watch faces that can be used on the watch. To download others, tap “ Online ” to display other categories.

2. On the next screen you will see several watch faces. Scroll to the desired category section and then tap “ More ” to show the options available for download. Choose the watch face, tap on it, and then tap the “ Download ” button.

3. Wait for the download to finish. Once complete, the new watch face will automatically be applied to the watch.

To change the display on the watch itself, press the screen for a few seconds and swipe from right to left. Tap to apply the selected watch face.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Information

The battery charge of Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite lasts around 9 days and full charging can be done in up to 2 hours, as long as the GPS is not activated. It has several watch faces that can be changed according to the user’s taste.

You can use the music control of Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite when playing on your phone player. The sensor can monitor sleep and heart rate, making it a good choice for those who want to monitor their health more closely.

It records the number of calories burned daily, has a step counter, and shows the number of times you stood up. But for most of these features and functions to work perfectly, Xiaomi Mi Watch must be connected via the app.

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