How to Pair T600 Smartwatch using M2 Wear or HryFine


Pair T600 Smartwatch

Learn how to set up Watch T600 on mobile. The smartwatch T600 connection process is very simple, just activate the Bluetooth and do the steps to synchronize the watch data with the application.

Pair to receive alerts for SMS sends callsapp notifications, and to activate your Watch T600’s features and functions. To do this, follow the instructions below.

How to pair Watch T600 with a mobile phone?

The smartwatch needs to be paired with the phone to send training data, steps, sync time and date, and more. Follow the steps below to connect the Watch T600 with your phone:

Step 1:

1. Activate the devices’ Bluetooth function :

2. On your phone, go to settings > Bluetooth and tap activate.

3. On the watch, swipe the screen from right to left, tap the Bluetooth icon and check if the “ Visibility ” option is turned on.

4. While still on the BT settings screen, scroll down and tap the “ Inquiry new device ” option .

5. Return to mobile and tap “ Ok ” to confirm the pairing request. In pop-ups requesting access to messages, contact list, and call logs, tap the “ Allow ” button on all.

6. To finish, go to the “ Paired device ” tab, tap the gear icon next to the name “ T600 ” and enable/disable the “ Calls ” and “ Audio ” options. This will cause the sound of phone calls to be emitted from the watch’s microphone.

Step 2:

1. Download and install the M2 Wear app. Depending on the version of your T600 there may be an incompatibility with the app used in the guide description. If this happens, use the HryFine app instead.

2. Open the app, tap “ Determine ” or “ Accept ” to accept the use of privacy, and select “ Allow ” for all other requests.

3. In the “ Ready ” pop-up, tap “ Determine ”, activate the “ M2 Wear ” option, and tap “ Allow ”. This is necessary for the features to work correctly.

4. Return to the app’s home screen, tap “ Menu ” at the bottom, and click “ Add device ”.

5. In the result of the “Search Device” screen, tap “ T600 (mac#-XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: XX) “. Wait a few moments for the pairing to complete.