Aero Insta, the best Instagram mod on Android

One of the biggest advantages of Android is the ability to customize our smartphone as we like, even with third-party applications. Among the most useful and innovative stands out Aero Insta, a mod with many more features than the official Instagram application. Let’s see which are the most useful and how to install the software.

Aero Insta, a ton of features for Instagram

The side of Aero Insta that has won over users is the customization, but the application offers a 360-degree winning mix: does not save personal data, does not show ads, and allows you to download the contents on the social network.

Installation procedure

Installing Aero Insta is simple and completely free. More, allows you to choose whether to keep the official Instagram application or whether to have only the mod. Just download the software package from the official site, choosing the installation language. Italian is not available but the level of English required to use Instagram is really basic: nothing more complex than “account”, “privacy” or “messages”.

Developers keep the application up to date with patches and additional features, just check the version on the site.

Aero Insta the best Instagram mod on Android

All the functions of Aero Insta

Once logged in you can find an “Instagram 2.0”, super customizable and with extra functions such as:

  • download photos and videos from Instagram;
  • read messages without the other person receiving a read receipt;
  • see the Stories secretly;
  • activate colored themes (red, coral pink, gold, blue, green, extra black) and Dark Mode even if the smartphone does not officially support it;
  • upload photos at the highest quality;
  • activate/deactivate the double-tap to like;
  • zoom the photos by holding down on them;
  • know who follows us and who does not;
  • know who stops following us with a notification;
  • protect the app with a PIN;
  • hide all ads (both in the feed and in the Stories);
  • forward and rewind videos;
  • copy all the text we want (from posts, biographies, comments, etc.);
  • and much more.

All these features can be activated, deactivated, or customized directly from the app Settings.

aero insta mod

Is Aero Insta safe?

In the sea of ​​”copies” of Instagram, Aero Insta is probably the safest: has been active for a long time, is updated often, and even has a support Telegram group. More, user logins are not saved on the app server but sent directly to Instagram to allow login.

However, it is good to remember that it is a third-party application and you can never have a full guarantee of its reliability. We must rely on the words of the developers and the judgment of the thousand of users who have been using it for years without problems. Alternatively, if you really don’t trust it, you can continue using the original Instagram application.