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Wireless charging for Galaxy S3 offer by MobileFun


MobileFun just introduced a new wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This ultra-charging station for a smartphone, which will be very useful for people who want to charge their devices wirelessly and without bulky devices. Designed specifically for charging Galaxy S3, which eliminates the problem of incompatibility.

Wireless charging station is called Qi Wireless Charging Plate, which is very thin, much like a fine features smartphone. Qi charging mat starts to work when connected to a plate to charge your phone. This eliminates the need for cables and still allows you to quickly charge the SGS 3. charger has a LED indicator that you do not miss the end of charging. Like most chargers on the market, it has a notification that will not worry about damaging the battery of your smartphone. This also saves you from overheating and to save energy, Disabled when it is not required work.


Wireless charging kit is now available at a price of $ 96.99. So far MobileFun have on its website that the device is in stock and available for purchase. So you can place an order right now. Charging is only available in white, because if your Galaxy S3 another color, then it can not blend in with it.

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