WeChat for Windows Phone 8 updated to version 4.1


Nokia Lumia WeChat is updated, specifically is updated to version 4.1 for Windows Phone 8 , Windows Phone 7.x still has the 3.4.6 version.This is an update with many new features and improvements, including new support for sending multiple images at a time or the ability to adjust the font size in the chat page, among other improvements.

WeChat for Nokia Lumia is a cross-platform instant messaging application with which we can send free text messages and voice, pictures, videos, share our location, our contact information and more. It is certainly the best and most complete instant messaging application I’ve tried to Nokia, WhatsApp and above any other, just need the support in Spanish.

Features of Nokia Lumia WeChat:

  • Hold-to-talk, voice, we can send voice messages with the push of a button
  • Moments function allows us to publish special moments (images / text) and sharing with our friends favorites
  • Chat Features One-on-one and in groups with voice messages, text, images
  • Search close contacts with Bump, Shake Shake and Remote, using location services to find users in your area.
  • Facebook Connect for easy registration and invite friends or to find new ones
  • Drift Bottle, bottled sending and receiving messages to meet new friends
  • Single Register by phone number
  • Take pictures and adornalas with artistic filters, and share your photos with friends diary
  • Energy saving and low rates of data consumption
  • Support for multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Portuguese.

In addition, Nokia Lumia WeChat has some very interesting choices, like the choice is clearly the type of connection we want, not to take any shock with the bill. We may also see the data consumed, checking in with our phone number, take pictures and apply filters, and much more.

New Nokia Lumia WeChat v4.1:

  • Invite your friends to a group chat via QR code WeChat
  • Support for sending multiple images
  • Browse to the location of your friend
  • Easy to cancel the voice messaging
  • Click “+” to send screenshots quickly
  • Support setting font size in the chat page
  • Support for Thai and Portuguese

Nokia Lumia WeChat is available free on Windows Phone Store.

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