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WeChat For Window Phones updated to version 4.5.2

WeChat For Window Phones
WeChat For Window Phones

New Nokia Lumia WeChat v4.5.2:

  • Chat with friends in a session Walkie Talkie
  • Search through chat histories
  • Friends AADD close easily with the new function Maintaining States
  • Double-click to view text messages in full screen

Features of Nokia Lumia WeChat:

  • Hold-to-talk, voice, we can send voice messages with the push of a button
  • Moments function allows us to publish special moments (images / text) and sharing with our friends favorites
  • Chat Features One-on-one and in groups with voice messages, text, images
  • Search close contacts with Bump, Shake Shake and Remote, using location services to find users in your area.
  • Facebook Connect for easy registration and invite friends or to find new ones
  • Drift Bottle, bottled sending and receiving messages to meet new friends
  • Single Register by phone number
  • Take pictures and adornalas with artistic filters, and share your photos with friends diary
  • Energy saving and low rates of data consumption
  • Support for multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Portuguese.

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