UNO & Friends The Legendary Game Available For Android

UNO & Friends Game For Android

The popular card game UNO comes to mobile devices in a new version to play with friends. In a social network UNO & Friends arrives with the usual fun and millions of opponents who hope to play this popular card game.
ONE & Friends lets you play with your friends, family and random players from all over the world. New free multi player options, go to the ratings and rankings of the UNO and customize your game like never before their game.

Features UNO & Friends

You can create custom games and invite your friends.
Opponents will have a billion worldwide who hope to play UNO.
Connecting to social networks.
Table of qualifications to know what level you are.
I can connect from Facebook.
Online multiplayer games over the Internet.
You can customize your game. Color cards, special effects and more.

Play UNO has never been so fun and never been “social”. Be part of this community of players UNO & Friends.

UNO & Friends

UNO & Friends is a free game, and is compatible for all kinds of mobile devices Android 2.3 and later.