Tips to improve iphone battery life iOS 7

By | Monday, Oct 28 2013 9:50AM


Some tips are here, such as the brightness but others like AirDrop and disable some notifications it is always better to save precious battery maybe to get through the day.

  • Brightness : The backlight of the screen is one of the main factors of battery power. It would be better not to let the device automatically adjust the brightness to environmental conditions, rather it is more appropriate to set this value yourself. With iOS 7 is furthermore very simple adjust it, just log on to contol center sweep their finger up from the bottom to the top of the terminal;
  • Connectivity : leave them on all routes of communications data for the entire day is useless, because it leads to the rapid consumption of the battery. To activate these 3G and 4G cellular connections only when really necessary, otherwise you prefer WiFi. Then turns off the Bluetooth , especially when you are not used to exploit it with accessories such as Bluetooth wireless set up, and you set the phone to airplane mode when you do not receive calls – and night – or when you play with some application to the App Store and not want to be disturbed;
  • Advanced Settings phones : iOS 7, some applications can independently access to the 3G network and 4G and consume, as well, energy. From Safari you can disable automatic synchronization of their reading lists with iCloud, while in Music in iTunes and you can download songs or exclude iTunes from launching on radio cellular network. And again from the settings menu General iCloud, you can decide what data should be continuously synchronized via the telephone network and which, instead, can wait for the availability of a WiFi network;
  • Airdrop : despite being a very useful function for transferring files between iOS devices, it is not necessary to keep AirDrop active throughout the day. It makes much more sense, in fact, enable it only when you really have the need to send pictures, documents, contacts, and so on. Turning it off from the Control Center , you will prevent your iPhone periodically check for other terminals in the vicinity;
  • Geolocation is better not to enable automatic geolocation for all applications because, if left in the background, will control the resources of continuous GPS monitoring the movements of the user, devouring energy. The settings of each app, as well as by Generali, choose which apps can access your location and which, instead, I can not do without;
  • App in the background : as we have already seen, you can avoid the General menu that applications update their content when in the background, thus consuming energy. Similarly, you can exclude the application of the automatic update via the App Store;
  • Restrict notifications : limit the number of notifications to wake the terminal from the stand-by mode is a quick way to increase the battery life. General settings on the Privacy you can define which applications are enabled notifications, especially those Push, while the Control Center, you can enable the Do Not Disturb feature to prevent the same wake up the device;
  • Design parallax : the moving background of iOS 7, parallax that effect that adds depth to the screen consumes a lot of energy. To turn it off, just enter the Accessibility settings and enable Reduce speed;
  • Auto Lock : you do not wait for the automatic locking of the device when not in use, because the time could be very expatiated. Before you tuck into your pocket, just quickly press the power button to start the block.