Springtomize updated to iOS 3 9


This version of Springtomize 3 version 1.4, focuses primarily on compatibility with iOS 9.

Web running unauthorized versions of the tweak that has loaded a few unreliable third-party repo, but I suggest you stay away from these versions that have nothing to do with the original.

Springtomize 3 2

Springtomize 3 for iOS 9 should be released soon, and works very well even on iPhone 6s. They have been tested many features, including resizing icon, hide labels, customizing the status bar and much more.

Springtomize 3 3For those of you who are not familiar with Springtomize 3, I suggest you read this article , which explains some of the features of the tweak, which as we said, changes the appearance of the character, the Notifications panel, customizing the dock, colors , the lock screen and home screen, you have the freedom as the Android user if you have this great Tweak Cydia installed on your jailbroken iPhone 6S. It can also be installed on the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S / 5, 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Stay in touch with us, because we will update when it comes out officially.

Source:  iDownloadBlog