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Samsung Galaxy S5: carbon-fiber body, 5G and Super AMOLES Plus [Rumors]

Samsung Galaxy S5: carbon-fiber body, 5G and Super AMOLES Plus [Rumors]

Earlier we said that the future flagship can get aluminum body and all this just feeds into the future redesign of the device on the project «Design 3.0». Now, many believe that the body is made of carbon fiber that is. Samsung and SGL said that the company began to cooperate in order to use carbon fiber in some foods Samsung, as the lightweight materials have become important in the consumer electronics industry. For such cooperation should be taken more seriously, as are unlikely to have to wait a long time to replace plastic smart phones on carbon.

Carbon fiber is to make the smart phone even easier, scratch resistant and shock, allowing the body to create different shapes.

Yet we know that Samsung is already testing this technology 5G and should be completed in 2020, but some sources predict that the Galaxy S5 will already support this technology. Although this development is unlikely to be possible and more likely to be the presence of 4G LTE-A.

Another step forward is the availability of the display Super AMOLED Plus, since it is an order of magnitude better than the displays in the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. We hope that Samsung will have time to prepare the new displays to the output of S5.

Especially since Samsung is obliged to establish a Galaxy S5 a more powerful processor to compete with the Snapdragon processor 800. Probably, Samsung can finish own processor Exynos 8 cores.

Most likely we will not see flexible displays in the Galaxy S5, since the technology is still a work in progress and requires further break. South Korean giant will not risk using an unfinished product, although it would be interesting if future flagship received curved display, which was presented at MWC in February.

It’s all about what you can guess about the future Samsung Galaxy S5 and we will certainly watch for new information

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