Prevents Loss Of Associating Devices With McAfee

Prevents loss of associating devices including McAfee


Now available for Android beta version ofMcAfee Security Innovations , a security application that besides the classic offer protection as common malwares, it also offers protection from theft, loss or forgetting your mobile device with a novel method of safety.McAfee This application has the greatest appeal their security system that allows associating multiple mobile device through WiFi connection , so when one of them is separated from the group automatically trigger an alarm that will alert their owners, plus autobloquearse the screen.

McAfee Security Features Innovations

  • Data Vault. It allows you to protect the content of your mobile device, particularly in a local context.
  • Safe QR reader. Protector QR codes, so you have confidence in your internet browsing various malwares or stopping malicious links and viruses.
  • Intelligent Perimeter. In a range of 9 meters you can link to your other mobile devices through WiFi connection to be linked to each other and trigger a security alarm for immediate recovery of the device. If it is turned off after a countdown automatically be blocked both devices.
  • Data repository for creating backups. May be stored in any file.
  • Security Key 4 digits.
  • The application is in beta, new features will be added in future updates.


Do not let the information is lost and, more importantly, do not let your devices lose sight. Full control of all your mobile devices.

McAfee Security Innovations is a free application and is compatible for all kinds of mobile devices Android 2.1 and later.